These Chemicals in Your Everyday Products Can Ruin Your Health

When a medical crisis prompted Beth Greer to reevaluate everything—from the food she ate to the products she used and the environment she lived in – she discovered a game-changer: Chemicals. The bigger surprise? These chemicals were in products that were a part of her (and her family’s) daily life, from sun-up to sun-down:

“You think you’re doing “everything right” or “eating healthy,” but you might be hurting your efforts to get and stay well by not paying attention to the harmful effects of the everyday items you use at home,”  said Greer in her recent Huffington Post blog.

detoxify chemicals

Greer has identified that chemicals can act as endocrine disruptors a.k.a. substances that interfere with our natural hormones.

For example, Triclosan is a harmful chemical found in many personal-care products, including liquid soap, deodorant, acne cream and toothpaste:

toothpaste, Triclosan, chemicals

Credit: Flickr Commons, ToastyKen

“A really effective way to absorb chemicals is through the mouth. For example, when a drug like nitroglycerin is administered for a heart condition it is given under the tongue for fast absorption.

So are natural homeopathic remedies. So what happens when you brush with toothpaste containing Triclosan? You get a dose of the chemical,” said Greer.

How toxic are chemicals like Triclosan?

These harmful chemicals and their effects may lead to the worsening of conditions like allergies and asthma and other symptoms like fatigue, nausea, and headaches.

Even more disconcerting, prolonged exposure may even lead to more devastating health problems.

For tips on how to safeguard your health and home against the potentially harmful side effects of chemicals like Triclosan (and more), read Greer’s full article on Huffington Post.

Greer, writer of , “Super Natural Home: Improve Your Health, Home and Planet…One Room at a Time,” is a passionate advocate and speaker on changing your home environment. Through research and education, Greer has empowered thousands to discover new possibilities and make changes in their lives by shedding light on how everyday items such as food, beauty products, household cleaners, bedding, and electronic equipment are making us sick.

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