Paleo, #MeatlessMondays, DASH, Low-Carb… what is the Healthiest Nutrition Plan?

There are a lot of ways (and opinions on how…) to eat – but which one is healthiest? Good news! You can now find out where your nutritional plan ranks. We’re excited to introduce WellnessFX Health Scores. (FYI: In our office full of Paleo people, Mediterranean diet devotees, Vegans and Vegetarians, we are neck and neck. It’s getting tense*).

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What is a health score?
Your health score is a way to help all members better understand their blood test results and overall health. There is an overall Total Health Score, with categories of health scores (Cardiovascular and Metabolic) and a marker (LDL). These indicators of your health can help track and compare improvements in your biomarkers over time.**


Why we like it
Well, we like knowing the data (duh), but it’s cool for a few reasons. It’s:

  • Summarized: The summarized scores are great for benchmarking against past results and others.
  • Quick: Curious about how your body responds to various dietary and lifestyle changes? A glance at the new, prominently displayed number makes this process just a little easier in your journey to optimal health.
  • Shareable: Now that you’ve seen it, you can immediately share it on Facebook with the click of a button. Challenge other friends to see how they measure up!  Bonus: By sharing, who knows what loved one you might inspire to take control of their health?

How did we get that number?
We’ve taken the essential areas that impact a person’s health and calculated that score using a 100-point scale. Determined by our Medical Director based upon peer-reviewed research, clinical best practices, and medical community consensus, your scores may change from time to time as new research and preferred methodology comes to light. When this occurs, your historical scores will also be updated, so they remain comparable to current ones.

So how do you and your nutrition plan measure up? Login to view your health score. Tweet us your score at @WellnessFX along with your dietary plan and the hashtag #keepingscore.

credit: Instagram, @ze3one

credit: Instagram, @ze3one

* By “tense,” we mean “awesome”

**The Total Health score is the rolled up average of all of a member’s categorical scores and is an indicator of overall health. While WellnessFX scores are intended to reflect what is healthy for the average person, they are not a substitute for individual medical advice, and we’ll continue to recommend that members consult with either a WellnessFX practitioner or their PCP when making personal health decisions. 

The posts on this blog are for information only, and are not intended to substitute for a doctor-patient or other healthcare professional-patient relationship nor do they constitute medical or healthcare advice of any kind. Any information in these posts should not be acted upon without consideration of primary source material and professional input from one's own healthcare professionals.