Fighting Diabetes, PCOS, & Metabolic Syndrome: One User’s Experience With WellnessFX

Of the many Dos (and one Don’t) of dealing with your blood test results, one thing we stress is analyzing your lab results with one of our practitioners. Two reasons why:

  1. Because we know that navigating your lab results can be confusing.
  2. Because you, your lab values, and WebMD are no substitute for a medical professionalimage (1)

This week, we had the joy of stumbling upon this blog post of a WellnessFX user’s experience with one of our practitioners, Jennifer Phelps, MS, MD. Elaine Barlow posted a review of her experience following a blood screening she completed through WellnessFX, as well as a thorough detailing of her consultation with our Connecticut-based practitioner (one on our list of over 115+ physicians, nutritionists and dietitians).

Barlow chose Dr. Phelps because of Phelps’ focus on Intergrative Medicine, which weaves traditional medical wisdom into conventional medical science. Phelps also focuses on endocrine and metabolism. Barlow was skeptical before diving in – she currently dedicates quite a bit of time to reading up on and researching her own personal health issues with regards to Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS), Type-2 Diabetes, and Metabolic Syndrome:

“What’s cool is this doctor is actually in Connecticut so if she’s good and is willing to listen to me (unlikely) and is interested in all my years of data and not just what some tests scores say (also unlikely), I could easily see her again…I really hope this woman is as cool as her website sounds (again, highly unlikely).”

After a 40-minute phone consultation with Dr. Phelps, she was nothing short of thrilled, from what we could tell from her blog post:

“I got my blood drawn last Monday and the results were up on the site by Wednesday. The dashboard on the website is beautiful. The lab results were clear and you could get detailed information and videos on how to understand them. The lab notes from the tech are also included…One of the best things she said that it was great that I was so ‘educated and so focused on my health.’ No other doctor has ever even given a SH*T about what I knew about myself or what I was doing for my own health. They all assumed I was just a lazy, fat, moron. She was interested in my data and asked me to email her information about my diet (food logs), supplements, and exercise. She said she would send me some information about other herbals for my stomach and that we could continue talking via email. She was very interested in continuing to help me…Oh and I highly recommend WellnessFX. GREAT service.”

We are downright giddy when we get to see/hear/read about these life changing consults. We believe the type of healthcare that we provide goes so far above and beyond the type of service people are used to receiving from their doctors because when our practitioners analyze your lab results, they review your current lifestyle habits and family history to determine a preventative plan that’s right for you.

You can read Elaine’s full blog post here, or browse our practitioner network.

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