Will the Gadgets Get Us Fit? A Recap of #CES2014

At CES this year, attendees and onlookers loudly (and pretty proudly) deemed 2013 the year of the Quantified Self. The CEA reported 40 percent growth in the digital health footprint, and the show floor was bursting with gadgets and people. From med tech, smart sports equipment and anti-aging sensors, to wearables and real-time monitoring, there was one theme they all had in common: Give us the data to help get us healthy.  We’re in the age of the consumerization of healthcare and the masses are coming to understand what we at WellnessFX were founded upon – if you have the data, you can influence the outcomes.

It’s about finally putting your health data in your pocket.

Because of digital and mobile growth and innovation, entrepreneurs and tech giants alike have never been so poised and hungry to transform healthcare. The shift and increased focus in innovation is churning out tons of solutions in preventative care, early detection, and patient care – whether you’re in the doctor’s office or from the comfort of your own home. “From games that reinforce healthy behaviors, body sensors that let people take

Credit: Flickr Commons, Nottingham Trent University

Credit: Flickr Commons, Nottingham Trent University

more responsibility for their health, and revolutionary programs employers are implementing using digital health, real-time medicine monitoring,” reported CEA.

This year’s shiny ponies are also all about connecting. Connecting clinicians with patients, devices to bodies, and friends to friends to even strangers, with the biggest underlying connection of all: A person to their data. Remember when treadmills with TVs bolted onto the front were the latest in fitness innovation? This is not your mama’s exercise Betamax. These gadgets are meant to empower you to rewrite your health story. Among the goodies that made their debut (or at least sustained some hang time) at CES this year were

In the wake of this digital deluge, we’d be remiss if we didn’t bring to light that gadgets are only part of the solution. One size does not fit all, as we know from personal systems biology – it’s why we test so specifically and across a range of panels.  Everyone’s internal makeup, just like their exterior, is unique. Everyone holds their own set of individual biomarker stats and resulting risk factors. Gadgets do, however, complement the overall picture. When combined with comprehensive lab testing and the creation sustainment of healthy habits, it pieces together the puzzle to unlock total body health, especially for those participating in their New Year’s resolutions. (btw, how’s your Lift Quantified Diet going?)

Not sure which app or gadget to test and invest in? Let’s start here with some simple ways to just get moving. Cheers to your healthy 2014.

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