WellnessFX Partners with Thorne Research to Create ThorneFX Lab Testing

It’s our mission to improve thousands of lives each day. This day in particular, we’re excited to announce the Thorne’s launch of ThorneFX including lab testing through WellnessFX. Through our merger with Health Elements, LLC, in partnership with Thorne Research, we promised you the launch of even more products that will cater to the sports nutrition and performance crowd, as well as those trying to lose weight, fight disease, or just feel amazing. Today is that day! This passionate group of experts in health, fitness and nutrition are dedicated to helping you attain your lifelong health and fitness goals. The ThorneFX mission? To continually empower people on their journey to total body wellness by being proactive about their health.

Credit: facebook.com/ThorneFX.Fitness

Credit: facebook.com/ThorneFX.Fitness

Only available through certified personal trainers, the ThorneFX philosophy is rooted in one essential idea: Your body’s internal health determines how you look and perform long-term. ThorneFX’s four-part fitness philosophy:

  1. Monitor and Manage Health
  2. Optimize Recovery
  3. Improve Body Composition
  4. Enhance Training or Event Performance

ThorneFX now offers comprehensive lab testing with WellnessFX. Because 70 percent of data needed for accurate health diagnosis and management is in your blood, we’ve create a unique suite of products that are now offered through ThorneFX health and fitness professionals. In addition to accessing six different NEW lab packages, WellnessFX’s platform will help you track your progress over time and measure the effectiveness of actions you are taking to improve your health. Since your blood cells regenerate every 120 days, testing can quickly measure significant improvement from lifestyle and nutritional changes. Check out the six lab testing packages offered exclusively for ThorneFX, through our partnership:

  • Sex Hormone Balance: Since the balance of sex hormones can have an impact on body composition, bone density, energy levels, mood, and libido, this package tests Estradiol, IGF-1, Cortisol, and SHBG panels.

  • Thyroid Function: Because thyroid function has the greatest impact on overall metabolic rate, an optimally functioning thyroid can help maintain proper body composition. Standard thyroid testing only tests for thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH). Our lab package analyzes TSH, free T3, free T4 and reverse T3 for a total picture of thyroid function.

  • Nutrient Deficiency: Because eating a healthy diet doesn’t always translate into nutrients being available for use in the body, many – whether they make a concerted effort to eat healthy or not – fall short of vitamin and mineral targets. This panel includes Ferritin, 25-Hydroxy Vitamin D, Folate, Vitamin B12, RBC Magnesium, Complete Metabolic Panel, Complete Blood count.

  • Cardiovascular Risk: Inflammation plays such a large role in the development of cardiovascular disease, so this testing package monitors NMR Lipoprofile, Standard Lipoprofile, Apolipoprotein B, Lipoprotein(A), C-Reactive Protein and Homocysteine.

  • Blood Sugar Management: Elevated blood sugar is toxic to the body’s cells. Unfortunately, too many individuals have issues managing their blood sugar, which is often identified as insulin resistance or type II diabetes. This package includes the testing of Fasting Glucose, Insulin and Hemoglobin A1C.

  • Wellness Complete: The most comprehensive ThorneFX lab test available encompasses all of the metabolic categories listed above.

WellnessFX continues to offer FDA-approved diagnostic, genetic and treatment information and we’re excited to extend our lab testing to fitness experts seeking the knowledge, products, and confidence they need to guide their clients toward a healthier lifestyle. For more information on ThorneFX, take a spin on the ThorneFX website and join the conversation using @ThorneFX.

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