Paleo vs. Vegetarian: Lift Launches The Quantified Diet Project

WellnessFX is excited to partner with Lift on this groundbreaking opportunity: The Quantified Diet Project (aka Quantified Diet, #quantdiet). is opening (today!) your chance to take part in the largest crowdsourced diet study ever attempted. Lift will be providing 10 popular diets with expert advice. The goal? Get measurements, for the first time, on every major popular diet, while helping one million people make a healthy lifestyle change.

How it works
Lift will provide 10 popular diets, one of which will be assigned to you at random. During the diet chosen for you, you’ll use the Lift app to receive daily prompts and to track your progress. By the end of the 4-week challenge, a combination of tracking and surveys will contribute to the study. Lift’s study, designed with advice from researchers at UC Berkeley and Stanford, hopes to answer: What works? How do popular diets compare? How can we all be more successful?

Here’s the list of 10 diets to choose from that Lift will coach you through for four weeks:

  1. Paleo: eat like a caveman, mostly veggies, meats, nuts. Advised by Paleohacks and Nerd Fitness

  2. Slow-Carb: lean meat, beans, and veggies; abstain from white foods like sugar, pasta, bread, cheese. Based on Tim Ferriss’ 4-Hour Body

  3. Vegetarian: vegetables, but no meat. Cheese and eggs are optional. Advised by No Meat Athlete

  4. Whole foods: eat only recognizable foods and avoid processed ones. Advised by Summer Tomato

  5. Gluten-free: no wheat, rye, barley or wheat-based foods

  6. No sweets: a simple diet change that affects your insulin swings.

  7. DASH: USDA’s current recommendation

  8. Calorie counting: the old standard

  9. Sleep more: the science says this should work. Advised by: Swan Sleep Solutions

  10. Mindful eating: learn mindfulness to recognize when you’re full. Advised by ZenHabits

What you get
WellnessFX is offering a pre and post package discount to all participants – look for the WellnessFX discount code via Lift’s emails to you. We’ll also be raffling a WellnessFX Performance package to one lucky winner!

It’s no surprise that we’d get excited about the work Lift is doing to shed light on the diet trends and decode them while contributing to science – we’re obsessed ourselves with empowering people with the data to make healthier life changes based on informed decisions. Whether you grab a few buddies to do it together or make this part of your own first steps into 2014, join us in supporting Lift’s goal of helping one million people make a healthy diet change leading to weight loss, overall health, and/or more energy.

You can read up more on the goals and science of the Quantified Diet. It begins TODAY. Join the conversation using #quantdiet, and learn more / sign up here.



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