Upcoming Webcast: Nutrition and Hormone Need-to-Knows with REFUEL author Dr. John La Puma

WellnessFX is excited to announce our next webcast! Wednesday, January 8 @ 10 a.m. PST, we’ll be welcoming Dr. John La Puma, MD, FACP and author of REFUEL, to discuss “Nutrition and Hormones: What You Need to Know.”

Credit: drjohnlapuma.com

Credit: drjohnlapuma.com

You can register here (it takes 7 seconds) and even submit your question early to have it answered on the day of the webcast. Securing your seat automatically registers you for a chance to win a copy of Dr. La Puma’s new book + a FREE WellnessFX Performance Package.

Dr. John La Puma, known for his work teaching the first Nutrition and Cooking course for medical students in the US, at SUNY-Upstate with Dr. Michael Roizen of the Cleveland Clinic and Dr. Oz Show, has led clinical trials of nutritional interventions designed to improve obesity, hypertension, osteoarthritis, insomnia and diabetes.

Through his ongoing clinical research, Dr. La Puma noticed an important issue was failing to be addressed among the millions of health messages made daily: Men’s health. Why were most men’s health topics only focused on 8-pack abs and prostate health when men have more than caught up to women in obesity and are leading them in diabetes, back pain, heart disease, and cancer? Not to mention that testosterone levels have dropped 25% in the past 35 years, and sperm counts have dropped 35% in 25 years. Observing the crisis in men’s health, Dr. La Puma created REFUEL, a breakthrough 24-day fat-loss plan specifically engineered for the male brain and body that is dramatically changing lives.

After this 45-minute webcast, you’ll walk away knowing:

  • How men make testosterone
  • Why free-T is the best measurement and how to measure it through WellnessFX
  • Which foods boost testosterone by themselves
  • The importance of vitamin D, and optimal levels thereof
  • The relationship of testosterone to metabolic syndrome, and its components
  • How to speak with women about your health
  • How women can reach men who seem unconcerned about health issues

Register today! We hope to (virtually) see you there! Until then, you can view our most recent WellnessFX webcast and join the conversation by following us at @WellnessFX or using #RefuelWFX.

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About Dr. John La Puma
Dr. John La Puma is a Clinical Director, Chef Clinic, and a co-founder of ChefMD, on a mission to help you get measurably healthier with what you eat and how you live. Dr. La Puma is a New York Times best-selling author for REFUEL and ChefMD, and co-author of RealAge Diet and Cooking the RealAge® Way, as well as several of the best-selling diet and health books of the last decade. Dr. La Puma is a renowned speaker and has presented at the prestigious TEDx conference and Gel Health, and is consistently rated among the very best speakers by the audiences he addresses.  He has also been a consultant and spokesperson for some of the groups to which he has given talks, such as CIGNA, Caremark, GSK and Kraft. Learn more about Dr. La Puma or pre-order your copy of REFUEL today.


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