WellnessFX Acquired by Health Elements, LLC in Partnership with Thorne Research

Thorne-Research-logo WellnessFX-icon-500WellnessFX is excited to announce we’ve been acquired by another high-growth health tech company calledHealth Elements, LLC, in partnership with Thorne Research.

As a fan, member, or future member, what does this partnership mean for you?

  • All great things! Your relationship with WellnessFX will remain unchanged and you will continue to have access to your medical records and our fantastic suite of products, business as usual.

  • Your data will remain private and 100% secure per HIPAA regulations.

  • In partnership with Health Elements and Thorne Research, we’ll be launching even more products that will cater to the sports nutrition and performance crowd, as well as those trying to lose weight, fight disease, or just feel amazing.

  • We anticipate many great things to come, including more benefits, discounts, and opportunities to manage your health using the latest technology and highest standards in product development.

We thank you at this time for your continued support and advocacy as our valued customers. It’s through you that WellnessFX is able to make exciting business developments like this a reality, as we continue to push forward in our mission to improve thousands of lives each day.

Stay tuned for a guest blog post from the fearless leader that has brought us to this point, WellnessFX Founder, James R. Kean. He’ll be recapping all that we have accomplished to date and will give a glimpse into the grand vision and great things to come.

For full details on the new business partnership, please view the complete press release.

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