The Mastermind Behind Watermind Me

morgan_simonnetWhen you think of programmers and IT specialists, you might picture your stereotype techie: a bit geeky, indoors-y, and certainly more interested in code than cardio.

Not at WellnessFX.

Meet Morgan Simonnet: she’s one of our engineers, and the creator behind the blockbuster app Watermind Me.

WellnessFX introduced Hack Day a bit over a year ago: one Wednesday a month set aside for engineers to work on an unassigned mini-project of their choice—as long it helps people improve their health.

For the very first Hack Day, in November 2012, Morgan decided to create a small mobile app that would help people stay hydrated, knowing that too many of us don’t drink enough water every day. Looking at other water-tracking applications, Morgan noticed that many of them were cluttered and clunky, with too many steps for the user to go through to track something that should be fundamentally simple.

So she hacked. She worked as a team of one, giving her IT masters degree a workout as she led the app development from end-to-end: from specs, design, and UI/UX, to realization, testing, app-store releases. And thanks to her hard work, thousands of people have taken to tapping and tracking their water intake with Watermind Me.

Like the rest of the WellnessFX team, Morgan takes her health seriously, doing cardio and core work 3-4 times a week, and taking up jujitsu for kicks. She realizes that her performance suffers when she isn’t hydrated, and does her best to practice what she preaches. Fortunately, she didn’t grow up drinking a lot of soda and sugary drinks, and even now doesn’t drink bubbly drinks except Champagne (she is French, after all!)

Morgan also had her biomarkers checked here in the office, and found out that her lipid-levels were out of whack. She consulted with Dr. Charles Carpenter, a WellnessFX practitioner who got her back into normal range with his diet, supplement, and lifestyle suggestions. With all this support, it’s no surprise that we’ve got one of the happiest, healthiest staff members around.

If you haven’t already, check out Watermind Me and start making a new healthy habit. And raise a glass to Morgan and the rest of the team at WellnessFX!

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