The WellnessFX Story

As WellnessFX membership continues to grow, and as we roll out new packages like the deep-diving, comprehensive Premium Panel, it’s important to stop, retrace our steps, and take a look back at our company’s roots.

We’ve seen amazing results as WellnessFX has expanded the definition of healthcare, unblocking access to important data and helping people take control of their health. Through WellnessFX, our members have received tailored results, advice, and priceless knowledge, all on their own time and their own schedules. And with our mobile app, they have access to their personal biology anytime, anywhere.

Learn more and get an insider’s view of the cutting-edge offices located in the Mission District of San Francisco, where the staff members—from the office manager, to the engineers, to the CEO—don’t just talk the talk, but live a lifestyle that truly encourages wellness.

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