Kevin Kelly Thinks We’re Cool

credit: Ed Schipul

credit: Ed Schipul

When Kevin Kelly, co-founder of Wired magazine and all-around tech guru, decides that something is cool, people listen.

That’s why we were thrilled to see that Kelly gave a nod to WellnessFX on his Cool Tools website. Cool Tools is a expertly curated site, providing a daily writeup of what the editors have determined to be the best tools available.  From gadgets and machines to services and websites, Cool Tools is a compendium of the tried and true.

Kelly, a biohacker who has long been a proponent of scientific advancement, has been using WellnessFX to track his body’s chemistry over the past year.

After getting his blood drawn, he logged into his WellnessFX account and saw his results of 60-120 biomarkers “graphed, annotated and intelligently dissected.”  He also took advantage of the 40-minute consultations, choosing a practitioner from the WellnessFX staff, and going over his stats, item-by-item. By testing several times, he was able to detect and monitor trends. And as he noted himself, “the actual numbers are often less important than the trends” when developing a plan of action.

Read more of what Kelly has to say about his experience with WellnessFX,  and take a sneak peek at his lipid levels while you’re at it.

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