Want to Look and Feel Amazing at 70? Here’s a Quick Recipe.

Ross_PeltonCheck out the Salad Buzz—a quick, delicious, and nutritious salad from the natural pharmacist, Ross Pelton. One of the first practitioners to join the WellnessFX team, Ross is dedicated to educating people on taking control of their health and nutrition.

This short video will show you how to prepare a nutrient-packed, flavor-filled mix of vegetables—enough to make salads for an entire week.

The keys to this salad’s success are a quick “buzz” through a food processor and a generous squeeze of lemon. The same vitamin C and bioflavonoids in citrus fruits that help preserve your body’s health also keeps the salad fresh in your refrigerator.

Ross also presents options for variety and additional protein, like adding salmon, beans, or seasonal fruits. The possibilities are endless.

To prep, Ross cleans the vegetables with a solution of water and 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide, but it’s okay to use regular 3%. Other good options for disinfecting vegetables are apple cider vinegar or grapefruit seed extract. Use them in the same way suggested in the video.

Take a look at Ross’s salad preparation skills and enjoy the buzz!

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