Double Checking Your Doc Could Change Everything

natI first learned about WellnessFX last fall through the Bay Club and my husband’s CrossFit box. Having learned about this cutting-edge approach to the democratization of healthcare, I was thrilled when they approached me about a consulting opportunity. I decided to give the product a whirl for myself.

At the time, I was on a strict workout regimen and a clean diet, but still found myself plagued by severe fatigue, sore muscles, and more oddly, noise sensitivity. I mean, I remember wearing earplugs to Thanksgiving dinner – it got that bad.

I complained of these symptoms to my Ob/Gyn, who ran some general blood tests, which I never actually saw and concluded everything was “normal.” My primary care doctor came to a similar hypothesis, telling me I was simply a tired mother of three young children. Massages, Aleve, hot pads, fish oil, acupuncture – none of these things worked. Meanwhile, I was experiencing even more severe pain and my back and leg muscles began seizing up on me.

Next thing I knew I got a notification that my WellnessFX results were in and as my doctors had mentioned, everything was normal and in the green – almost.

My ALP alkaline phosphatase was on the low side. I had never even heard of ALP nor did I know why it should be in a normal range, but a quick Internet search showed that one of the causes could be low magnesium. My WellnessFX practitioner confirmed this and also suggested that I drink more water and load up on vitamin D to get my levels even higher.

After taking these recommendations and adding magnesium supplements, I literally felt like a new woman! I wasn’t sore anymore, I could work out for longer and I wasn’t wearing earplugs as often.

Fast-forward five months later…..

I became extremely ill with a stomach virus and couldn’t hold anything down. My husband’s health insurance had changed for the third time in four years and I didn’t even know how to get to a doctor. Finally after calling in and paying a $150 annual customer fee, I was able to see a PCP nearby.

She ordered some blood work to make sure the dehydration didn’t deplete me of any nutrients. Two days later she called and said, “everything is great.” I’d heard this before, so I requested that the results be sent to my home so I could input them into my WellnessFX dashboard and be my own second opinion.

I really didn’t believe that everything was “normal.” And sure enough, once the results were in my account, a few markers lit up in RED – low calcium, low bilirubin, low white blood cell count. I immediately scheduled an appointment with a trusted WellnessFX physician, Dr. Justin Mager. He was shocked that my doctor hadn’t ordered a retest. In short, he explained more to me in 30 minutes than any doctor had before.

Dr. Mager suggested that the pill and chronic stress was depleting my body of nutrients and my immune system was compromised. He also guessed that I might have a gluten sensitivity that is making it more difficult for my body to absorb the vitamins and minerals it needs. He also suggested that I try short, high intensity bursts of physical activity to shock my body back into a higher metabolism (and to save time with my new hectic schedule). I haven’t had a chance to implement all of his pearls of wisdom just yet, but I finally feel like I’m back on track to more energy,  a better immune system and faster metabolism.  And, now I have a doctor that I know I can trust and can even talk to in my pajamas over a glass of wine.

Natalie Cann –  Head of Marketing, WellnessFX & Mom of Three


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