WellnessFX. It’s Not Just About Your Health, It’s About Your Wallet

handbagIt’s already August, which means that fall is nearly here and the year is starting to wind down. If you’re like many people, you’ve seen your doctor several times this year, and still haven’t met your high-deductible insurance limit.

This means that you’re still paying out-of-pocket.

So for high-cost services like blood testing and lab work, it makes sense to go on the hunt for safe, simple, and inexpensive options. For as little as $29, the WellnessFX e-Checkup gives you access to a blood draw that tests more than 25 biomarkers, which you can get through your local LabCorp or Quest Diagnostics branch.

Also, WellnessFX products are HSA eligible, so instead of stocking up on contact lens solution and allergy pills with your end-of-year surplus, you can put that money toward uncovering valuable information about your health.

Once you’ve ordered a basic lab test (or one of our more comprehensive panels), you’ll receive a full online report, with all of your lab values visualized into easy-to-read charts. And if you take advantage of the two-for-one package, you’ll be able to see trends—allowing you to view and understand how key markers of your health are changing over time. This can help you and your doctor work to prevent long-term, chronic disease, and potentially save thousands of dollars in treatment costs.

If you have questions about your lab results or just your health in general, we have an excellent team of medical practitioners here to provide you thorough, informed, and inexpensive consultations via video conference. That means you’ll be able to see a healthcare professional on your schedule, allowing you to spend more time at home or work—and not in a waiting room.

So give the e-Checkup a try and get started taking control of your health—and your money.

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