WellnessFX at Work—Connecting with Keas

measure_improveWith our passion for preventative health care, WellnessFX is constantly on the lookout for other companies with similar missions and goals. Jim Kean, our founder and CEO, recently met with the people at Keas, an innovative corporate wellness program built to increase employee engagement.

Taking note that employee lifestyle issues often lead to poor health, and that company healthcare costs are skyrocketing as a result, Keas has developed a revolutionary product to help improve the state of employee health. The Keas team operates around the belief that engaging people around common, meaningful goals is the key to successfully changing their behavior.

Through their easily implemented program, Keas groups employees into teams, motivating them to make changes in their lifestyle. These changes are to designed to reduce costs, boost productivity, and most importantly, improve employee health.

During their fast-paced and fact-filled discussion, Jim explained to Keas how the WellnessFX package—which includes lab visits, phone consultations, and data analytics—helps users identify the areas where they can make changes to increase their health, productivity, and longevity.

Three things about WellnessFX stood out to Keas’ game-changing wellness team:

1. Convenience. Realizing that people often procrastinate on getting annual checkups and blood draws, the WellnessFX system allows users to make an appointment with a partner laboratory, send their order to the lab directly from their phone, and be in and out of testing in a matter of minutes.

2. Strong physician base. With a team of healthcare professionals ready and willing to address concerns via video conference, WellnessFX users are able to have a thorough, private discussion with a knowledgeable practitioner from the comfort of their own home. There’s no more waiting-room frustration followed by a five minute, one-sided consultation.

3. Clean user interface. To use their exact words: “Awesome UI.” Jim and the rest of the WellnessFX team take great pride in our elegant and engaging user interface. With data compressed into recognizable trends, users are easily able to see and understand key markers of their health.

Keas also took note of how well the WellnessFX product scales for employee benefit programs at small and midsize companies, making it easy for employers to recognize trends in their employees’ health risk assessment (HRA) data, and then to make adjustments in their wellness strategy.

This meeting of the minds left participants on both teams energized and inspired, ready to help advance employee wellness and productivity.

The ability to see and track your health data can be a key motivator in setting goals and making changes in your lifestyle. See what the power of the group can do for you—sign up for baseline testing with a friend or family member and keep each other inspired to change!

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