Improving your Reproductive Health and Overall Vitality – Webcast with Lana Asprey, MD

fertilityThis week, we’re launching our webinar series on ways to optimize fertility, have a healthier pregnancy, and the healthiest baby possible. Featuring Dr. Lana Asprey, physician and author of The Better Baby Book, Lana and her husband, Dave Asprey, distilled their findings from countless research papers, spending more than 10 years working with some of the world’s top health and nutrition researchers, reading over 150 nutrition books, and self-experimenting for 15 years. Register HERE.

We’re kicking off our series with Lana by talking about nutrition. Nutrition isn’t just important once you’re pregnant. Preparing your body for baby could mean normalizing your body’s hormones, vitamin levels, and more, to make a healthier you even before baby hops on board.

For nutrition, we’ll be talking about:
• Whether your diet is fetus-friendly. What might you need more of? What should you avoid?
• How fat and sugar can affect your hormone levels
• Ways to manage cravings (Lana claims to have had no morning sickness or cravings throughout her pregnancies!)
• Keeping your immune system strong

As for supplements, we’ll discuss:
• How to avoid nutritional deficiencies that can affect your baby’s development
• What to take to maintain and replenish the minerals your body needs before, during, and after pregnancy
• When to test hormone levels, and how to get them into better balance

We’ll also be tackling the questions many women have about fertility and pregnancy:
• “What are your detox secrets?”
• “How can I support a healthy pregnancy now that I’m over 35?”
• “Could acupuncture help me conceive?”
• “There’s so much advice—which suggestions should I be working on?”

Tune in later this week, when we’ll discuss these topics and more. And look for Part 2 of the series in the following weeks, where we’ll be discussing the importance of keeping an eye on your blood tests, and going over what various biomarkers mean when you’re pregnant or trying to conceive.

See you there!


* Or more, if you love sweet potatoes. It turns out they’re linked to higher rates of multiple births—but more on that in the webinar.


Lana and her husband, Dave, are the parents of two young, healthy children. Lana is a medical doctor who trained at the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, Sweden. Dave is an expert in nutrition and a respected Silicon Valley executive in the cloud computing field. In 2006, Lana and Dave were ready to start their family, and decided to combine their knowledge to figure out how to have the healthiest, brightest baby they could while reducing the risk of autism as much as possible. That’s when The Better Baby Book was born.

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