Reducing Rising Healthcare Costs through More Consumer Control

A recent study from Forbes shows that annual healthcare costs for a family of four are at approximately $22,030 and rising. As a mom of three in a family of five, this number actually seems low to me, especially for high-cost metropolitan areas like the Bay Area.

Chronic illnesses, which span from asthma and diabetes to heart disease and cancer, account for 75% of the $2.2 trillion dollars the U.S. spends annually on healthcare. These chronic conditions are a large part of the reason families, individuals, and employer groups are paying greater penalties than ever through health insurance.

Consumer-friendly alternatives like WellnessFX’s low-cost e-Checkup, are not only reducing overall costs through innovation and technology, but also saving time by staving off chronic conditions before they begin.The silver lining of any cost bubble is innovation. Unrealistic costs and dwindling access have pushed more and more people toward the consumerization of healthcare. From looking up an ailment on WebMD to getting your flu shot at the local pharmacy, more consumers are empowered to take health matters into their own hands, without the hassle of coordinating through a doctor’s office. Simply put, the traditional patient experience is rapidly declining as physicians are forced to squeeze in more appointments in less time to make ends meet.

By identifying early markers for heart disease, diabetes, and cancer, and taking preventive steps through diet, exercise, and lifestyle changes, consumers have the collective power to begin reversing the 70% of chronic diseases that are largely preventable.

According to our head physician, Murdoc Kaleghi: “In the traditional healthcare system, between the costs of the doctor, the doctor’s office space, the office staff, and dealing with insurance companies, the direct cost of getting blood tests is hundreds of dollars. In addition, taking time off from work to see the doctor and waiting for the appointment indirectly cost the economy hundreds of dollars as well. All of these costs could add up to more than a thousand dollars as the New York Times recently concluded when reflecting on the cost of a simple genetic test.

“Through innovation and volume discounts, it costs WellnessFX $4.50 to run a lipid panel (a cholesterol blood test). In other words, it’s close to a thousand dollars to the economy through health insurance versus $4.50 through us, with the lower cost option also expanding convenience, access, and engagement.”


In my opinion, if we really want to reduce costs to the healthcare system and encourage preventative direct-to-consumer medicine, we should start by being part of the solution through individual and proactive choices.

WellnessFX offers one way to take control of your health – for many happy, healthy years to come, and more money to spend on family trips, instead of family trips to the doctor.

Natalie Cann
Mom, healthcare consumer, and Senior Director of Marketing, WellnessFX

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