WellnessFX Is National – Now Available in 46 States!

credit: Instagram @aselbolat

credit: Instagram @aselbolat

WellnessFX has expanded! We are now able to offer affordable blood-testing and expert consultations to more than 4,000 locations nationwide in 46 states and Washington D.C. Chances are, you’re just a short drive, train ride, or walk away from changing your life.

How is this possible? We recently partnered with the world’s largest producer of diagnostic testing. We are very happy to enter into this next phase and bringing wellness to a national member base.

WellnessFX has been gearing up to go national for months now. Our wildly popular low-cost e-Checkup more than doubled our user base, and we’re ready to serve an even greater number of people who are frustrated with today’s healthcare. The wellness revolution is just beginning.

“The lab expansion comes at a critical inflection point for our company, enabling us to support the explosive demand.”

-Jim Kean, CEO

And it couldn’t have come at a better time. The Affordable Care Act goes into effect in just a few short months; more than 30 million new Americans will enter the health care system. The current structure just isn’t built to hold this volume! WellnessFX offers an alternative to the inevitable headache of appointments, waiting rooms and co-pays that will only get worse. We offer a no hassle, stress-free way to get the personal health data you deserve.

If you’re new to WellnessFX, here’s a quick guide to what we offer:

  • e-Checkup – Measure 25+ biomarkers including a basic lipid panel, complete blood count, glucose, and thyroid.
  • Baseline – Everything you get with e-Checkup, plus a deep look into liver and kidney health, vitamins and electrolytes, inflammation, and more!
  • Performance – Builds on the Baseline assessment by measuring performance hormones like testosterone, advanced nutrients, and metabolic function.
  • Thyroid – The most comprehensive online test available measuring thyroid function, including TSH, T4, T3, T3 uptake, Free Thyroxine Index, Reverse T3, and Free T3.
  • Consultation – Add a consultation with a registered dietician or licensed nutritionist to help you understand your results and get recommendations for improvement.
  • Data Upload – If you’re in one of the few states we are still fighting for (and we are fighting!), you can still sign-up with us and upload your blood results. This way you can access our platform, full with biomarker definitions and healthy ranges. Just look for the ‘Add Lab Reports‘ button.
  • iPhone App – Experience WellnessFX from the palm of your hand. Lab results, practitioner recommendations, and health reminders all help you stay on course!
  • Main Website – We recently launched a rebranded Web site with a sleek, intuitive look and feel. Be sure to check it out for customer testimonials, latest news, and a walkthrough of our platform.

We are very excited about being available in nearly all of America. We look forward to continued expansion and have our eyes on international markets, including Australia, Canada and the United Kingdom. Check back often; you don’t want to miss this ride.

Read the full WellnessFX press release here.

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