Be Your Best Self: 20 Apps for Wellness



breezi_placeit-1Maintaining a healthy lifestyle becomes harder and harder in our increasingly busy lives. And in the age of mobile devices, everything seems even more sped up.

For the last couple days of WellnessFX’s Be Your Best Self Pledge, we’re challenging you to use these gadgets to your health advantage. Turn your procrastination-station or work-a-holic generator into a tool for longevity, energy, and overall health.

Listed below you’ll find some of our favorite health apps for your mobile device. From emergencies to recipes to planning that morning workout, there’s something for everyone!

  1. Sleep Cycle – This alarm clock uses the accelerometer in your iPhone to monitor your movement to determine your sleep phases and wake you at the best time.
  2. WellnessFX – Review your results. Peruse your practitioner recommendations. Create and keep track of your results. Take control of your health with WellnessFX by adding new goals to help develop and maintain healthy habits.
  3. Superfood HD – Discover superfoods, and recipes to utilize them.
  4. Calorie Counter – Track your daily food consumption with this 515,000-food database.
  5. Fooducate – See how your favorite foods score! This app automatically grades (A-, B+, C, etc…) products by using a scientific algorithm based on its nutrition facts and ingredient list.
  6. Lose it! – Set up a personalized weight loss plan, connect the latest apps and devices, and start losing weight.
  7. Gain Fitness – Get workouts and plans—matched to your fitness level, goals and time constraints—instantly, from the convenience of your mobile device.
  8. Pocket Yoga – A yoga instructor in the palm of your hand!
  9. Fitness Buddy – 1000+ exercises, 45+ tailored workouts, 3000+ retina display images make this a packed fitness journal app!
  10. FitnessBuilder Plus – Access 800+ workouts and a personal trainer to reach fitness needs & goals.
  11. Nike Training – Sign up to Nike Training Club to get your own personal trainer, anytime, anywhere.
  12. Teemo: The Fitness Adventure Game – This game is designed to help you find the time to work out and increase your overall fitness, all while having fun with a team of friends.
  13. Fitness Trainer – Designed to be the only tool you need other than yourself in the gym or at home.
  14. Authentic Yoga with Deepak Chopra and Tara Styles – Suitable for all levels, and includes poses and routines for developing strength, balance, and flexibility.
  15. Health and Medicine: WebMD – Browse slide shows, read articles, and find the answers to your health and wellness questions.
  16. Pocket Pharmacist – An easy-to-use drug informational app.
  17. The Merck Manual Home Edition – Based on the entire Merck Manual Home Health Handbook, the trusted medical reference written by more than 300 worldwide medical experts.
  18. Heartwise Blood Pressure Tracker – Quickly record and keep track of your blood pressure, resting heart rate, and weight.
  19. First Aid by American Red Cross – Access expert advice for everyday emergencies with videos, interactive quizzes and simple step-by-step advice.
  20. MyWOD – Track CrossFit workouts and progress.

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