The Rebooted Body Interview With WellnessFX CEO Jim Kean – Part III

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You have the right to be in control of your own health. But with current health policy, it might not seem that way. You need the written permission of a licensed physician to order blood tests (even if you want to pay for them out of pocket). In some states it’s even required that test results can only be released in person!

WellnessFX is trying to change that. We allow our members to order blood tests when and how they want them. Results are readily made available online and are accessible any time, any place. We really are revolutionizing healthcare.

Jim Kean discussed the healthcare revolution and more in an interview with Kevin Geary of the Rebooted Body. Just in case you missed the first two parts:

For the last part Jim talks about his ideal way to age, how to become your own health detective, and offers a challenge to listeners in helping WellnessFX improve healthcare. Follow along with the time-stamped summary below!

39:45 – Bending your aging curve

Generally, ages 30-60 are the most valuable to a person. These are the years you work towards building security for retirement and creating a legacy for your family.

But what if you could add 10 more years? That’s a 33% increase. Make the right decisions now and it’s perfectly possible.

Dr. Fries, a professor at Stanford Medical School, ran the Stanford Longevity center in the 80s. He developed a new model for morbidity. Instead of quality of life gradually degrading into old age and towards death, he presented the idea of essentially sustaining the same biological and attitudinal life into old age. The body would only start to degrade in the last week or so of life.

This is what we are striving for.

43:30 – Advanced Panels & optimizing your biology

WellnessFX offers advanced panels for those looking to dive deeper into their biology.

48:30 – Problem solving — You are now your own detective
Symptoms alone are an inefficient way to determine problems. For example, if someone is eating right and exercising but is not able to lose weight, it could be a thyroid problem, a cortisol issue, or a number of things.

WellnessFX allows our members to dive into their own biology and figure it out. You become your own detective.

50:00 – Exercising your rights in health and wellness

A few years ago, before WellnessFX, Jim made a list of 120 biomarkers after consulting with expert friends in the medical field on what he should know about his body. He presented the list to his physician and asked to be tested for each one.

His doctor wouldn’t do it because ‘the tests aren’t needed.’

Needless to say, Jim set out to find another doctor. He went through three more physicians until he found one who agreed to order the tests. The physician, however, doesn’t usually come across these markers in his practice and wasn’t be able to give proper analysis.

And thus was born the idea of WellnessFX, a service that gives you the tools to exercise your rights in health and wellness. We pair you with a physician to sign off on your lab tests, and a variety of practitioners to walk you through your results. You won’t be denied.

53:30 – A challenge for listeners
Have you ever heard someone talk about the ‘end-all, be-all‘ diet? Or the best way to live healthy? Or maybe you’ve gone to the doctor feeling like crap only to be told that ‘everything looks fine’?

WellnessFX is challenging you to take full control of your health. Get tested. Know your numbers. Experiment with different diets and see how your biology changes. Learn what’s best for you.

56:00 – Fighting the government for health freedom

Did you know that WellnessFX’s service is considered a Class C felony in the state of Maryland? Their laws state that people should go in to a doctor’s office in person to receive their lab results.

That’s just one of the policy hurdles we have to overcome. But we’re resilient. We’re currently open in 24 states and are trying to be in 47 of the 51 (including DIstrict of Columbia) in the next couple of months.

Help Us Change Healthcare
WellnessFX is committed to leading the healthcare revolution, but we need your help! The more people that prove bio-tracking and individual control over health data improves the collective health of our population, the more we’ll be able to make meaningful change.

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