The Value Of A Practitioner Consultation

You receive your WellnessFX blood data. Your Total Cholesterol looks fine, but you notice the LDL is a little high and your ApoB is in the red. This is odd. You’ve cut out most of the fat and eat a lean, healthy diet. You workout at least an hour a day. You’re the shining image of health.

But could there be something wrong? You feel healthy but . . . is that the whole story?

You’re In Control 

Once you have your WellnessFX data, it’s your data. You can do whatever you want with it. In our platform, we supply you with ample information to understand what each biomarker means and whether or not your numbers should be concerning.

In addition, you might be particularly knowledgeable about how diet affects the sub-categories of cholesterol. Or you could be confident in your ability to take your data, do your own research, and make the changes needed to move the needle.

Every human body, however, is different. Health professionals have experience dealing with the different needs of each client. They have devoted their careers to learning all there is to know about certain aspects of human health. In most cases they will be your best resource for interpreting information, pinpointing the problem, and developing a plan.

Variety Is Key

Experts focus on acquiring knowledge in a very specific part of the field. Would you opt to go to a skin doctor if you are having digestive problems? Both learned the same basics in medical school, and certainly the skin doctor knows how the gut works. Still, the answer is obvious.

WellnessFX offers our members options. Whether you have allergies, are lactose intolerant, have a family history of heart disease, or choose a special lifestyle such as being athletic, vegetarian, or Paleo, we have someone for you. If most of your numbers look good and you feel great, a consult with a dietitian or personal trainer will likely be more up your alley. If you have alarming numbers and/or specific needs (like a concerning family history, for example), upgrading to a physician consult might be worth it.

You can also control the length of your consult. The standard for Baseline is 20 minutes, but you can add more time if you know your specific needs require it.

On Your Time

WellnessFX is leading the telemedicine revolution. All consults are done over the phone. No waiting for unbelievable amounts of time at the doctor’s office or being rushed out of the door due to a backlog of patients. Once you decide to take part in a WellnessFX consult, you can pick a time and day that works for you.

WellnessFX provides a private conference line for each consult. You can even opt to have the system call you at the chosen time for greater convenience. Once you and your practitioner start talking about recommendations, you’ll have the urge to write down everything you hear. Don’t. It’s not necessary! After your consult, your practitioner will upload detailed recommendations to your account. If you have lingering questions about what was discussed, you can easily contact your WellnessFX practitioner through our secure in-app messaging system.

What Our Members Have To Say

Every month we collect feedback from our members about their consult experiences. They’ve been extremely positive! We want to make sure everyone gets to hear how amazing an expert opinion can be:

“Excellent experience…very clarifying and inspiring.”

“Good recommendations, helped me understand the numbers and how to work towards getting LDL and Apo-B down. Very good info.”

“Very knowledgeable, effective use of time, practical, down to earth.”

“She was super friendly, knowledgable, and more competent than my regular doctor.”

“Very informative, I agree with her approach of food over pills.”

“She was very nice and had some great ideas. She seemed very knowledgeable and was able to speak to everything on my history and lab results.”

“He was wonderful! He was very thorough and friendly. I enjoyed the experience. He was straight forward and explained things in an understandable relaxed way. “

“She was very informative, and gave some good recommendations on how to attack the problem areas.”

“She was extremely helpful in helping me understand my results and gave me tremendous feedback on how I can improve my health. I was very impressed with her overall knowledge, enthusiasm and helpfulness. This made the service well worth the cost.”

“I really enjoyed my time, and I look forward to making changes and seeing results.”

The posts on this blog are for information only, and are not intended to substitute for a doctor-patient or other healthcare professional-patient relationship nor do they constitute medical or healthcare advice of any kind. Any information in these posts should not be acted upon without consideration of primary source material and professional input from one's own healthcare professionals.