The Rebooted Body Interview With WellnessFX CEO Jim Kean – Part II

Earlier this week we shared an informative and thorough interview with CEO Jim Kean, conducted by Kevin Geary of the Rebooted Body. There’s so much content, we had to break the summary up into three parts!

In the first section of the conversation, Jim and Kevin discussed the WellnessFX process along with the origins of the company. For the next twenty minutes they went into detail about the different panels offered and how people can decide which is best for them.

You can listen to the whole podcast below. To help you digest all of the information, we’ve provided a time-marked detailed summary of what was discussed. Enjoy!

20:15 – Cholesterol Panel

basic lipid panel

If you run tests on the people who suffer a heart attack each day, you’ll find that many of them have normal ‘traditional’ cardiovascular panels. Why is this? It turns out cholesterol is a lot more complicated than we once thought. Cholesterol by itself doesn’t cause heart disease. It needs to be oxidized first. It then sticks to arterial walls and turns to the plaque that causes things like heart attacks. Even testing for the good cholesterol (HDL) and bad cholesterol (LDL) doesn’t suffice.

Both types of cholesterol are basically composed of ten different proteins, each of which has a predictive effect for whether or not an individual is at risk of heart disease. This basically means that your levels of bad cholesterol as a whole can technically be in the green, but looking at the individual proteins can reveal that one or more are way over-represented.

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23:00 – Thyroid and Blood Sugar

thyroid and blood sugar

One out of every eight Americans has a thyroid problem, and many of them don’t even know it! An imbalanced thyroid can cause weight gain, low energy, moodiness, irritability, and a host of other problems. Olympic trainer Diane Fu is a prime example of how addressing hidden thyroid issues can make a world of difference!

WellnessFX offers an extensive thyroid panel and a consult with an expert to talk through your specific needs. Since thyroid tests are really expensive, we try to put the most important health-relevant markers in our basic panel. If your thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH) numbers are out of range, you can talk with one of our practitioners and decide if the advanced panel is for you.

WellnessFX Baseline gives a thorough assessment for diabetes risk. In addition to the traditional glucose test, we also offer HbA1c, which represents your average glucose levels over the past three months. This ensures that decisions aren’t made solely on blood glucose levels at the time of testing, which could be affected by a number of unknown factors that aren’t indicative of the body’s usual state.

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28:25 – Liver and Kidney Health


The main purpose of the kidneys is to filter the body’s blood. A number of the biomarkers we test (creatinine, for example) are waste products of healthy cells. Their prominence in the blood gives insight into how well the kidney is performing.

It’s important to note, however, that levels may be different for varying lifestyles. Creatinine is a waste product of muscles and thus weightlifters will have more of it in their blood. This type of expert information makes the consult portion of WellnessFX invaluable.


The liver is just as important as the kidney, if not more so. It has more than 500 functions! WellnessFX Baseline tests a variety of biomarkers that gives insight into how the liver is functioning. If a few of these numbers are off, it might be time to consult a physician.

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30:45 – Nutrition, Electrolytes, and Vitamin D


vitamin D

Vitamin D is one of the most important biomarkers we measure because it affects a wide range of biological processes and so many people are deficient. Sub-par levels can increase inflammation and cholesterol and hinder the body’s ability to absorb calcium. It can even have an impact on testosterone levels!

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33:45 – Systemic Inflammation


High-Sensitivity C-Reactive Protein is an awesome marker for systemic inflammation, which has been shown to correlate with a slew of chronic diseases. Inflammation can adversely affect cholesterol levels in addition to causing fatigue, weight gain, or more advanced conditions such as Alzheimer’s disease, cancer and autoimmune diseases.

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The Bottom Line

The American diet is killing us. Our hunger for success is making us workaholics. We don’t get enough sleep, we eat poorly, and we’re constantly in stressful environments. Some of this is because of lack of knowledge, and some of it is personal preference. Either way, shouldn’t all of our decisions be as informed as we can make them? WellnessFX says yes, especially when it comes to a person’s health.

WellnessFX shows you real-life data on how your lifestyle is affecting your personal biology. Then it gives you the tools to change it.

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