The Rebooted Body Interview With WellnessFX CEO Jim Kean – Part I

Want to learn more about WellnessFX? Who better than from the man who started it all: CEO Jim Kean. He recently sat down with Kevin Geary of the Rebooted Body to discuss the WellnessFX process, the variety of panels we offer, and the current healthcare revolution to take control of your own health data.

The Rebooted Body is an online program that helps you reach your fitness goals through natural, holistic methods. They upkeep a regular and informative blog and podcast to share health news, tips, and methods for leading a healthy life. We are very grateful for the opportunity to discuss how we’re setting out to change preventive medicine and hope you take the time to check out the Rebooted Body’s awesome platform!

The interview is long (a whole hour!) so we’re splitting the summary into three parts. Today we’re talking about the background of WellnessFX. In parts two and three, we’ll dive into the various panels you can choose from and how WellnessFX is trying to improve the system.

Follow along with the time-marked summary of Part I below. Enjoy!

2:42 – Jim Kean Introduction
Nevada and Alaska raised, Jim Kean grew up valuing whole foods, outdoor experiences, and being in-tune with his own body. He decided early on to dedicate his life to human health and started WellnessFX to revolutionize healthcare. Our company’s global mission is to create dynamic online health accounts, help people store their personal health data, and facilitate thoughtful and efficient healthcare transactions.

6:00 – The WellnessFX process
Did you know it’s illegal for you to order diagnostics for yourself? WellnessFX bypasses this by pairing you with an in-state practitioner to order blood tests on your behalf.

Once the results are in your account, they’re your results. You don’t have to request access from your doctor every time you want to look at your numbers. We don’t share your data with anyone, including insurance companies. You’re in control.

The results you see are organized by biomarkers. A biomarker is anything, biologically, that tells you what’s going on with the body. WellnessFX utilizes cut-off points that, over the years, medical science has identified as normal, moderate risk, and high risk. An LDL (the ‘bad’ cholesterol) level of 50, for example, is high risk.

Here’s what your results might look like:

justin 2

After going over your data, you can purchase time with a doctor or, if your numbers are mostly pristine, talk to a dietitian or personal trainer instead to make smaller, more focused improvements.

11:55 – Test and retest empowerment
Everyday a new study is released telling us how to live healthy lives (the grain debate, for example). What should we believe? What’s the best way to treat our bodies?

The answer is: there is no universal best way. What works great for one person might make another feel terrible. WellnessFX gives you the power to see first-hand what works for you.

Periodic blood testing is so effective because of how the body replaces its blood cells every 100 days. If you test today, identify what areas need improvements, and make changes, 100 days from now, a blood test will reflect those exact changes. So while getting a test every three years or so is better than never testing at all, it is not as useful in giving you insight in how specific changes to lifestyle affect the body.

This is why we recommend testing every 4-5 months.

16:45 – Get an advanced degree in how your body works
Periodic testing combined with tweaks to diet, lifestyle, sleep schedules, and anything else will eventually help you become extremely knowledgeable about how your body works. For example, Jim knows he only gets one-tenth the efficiency out of B-Vitamins compared to the general population. Before he acquired this knowledge, his inflammation markers were through the roof. Now he controls them easily.

There have been great and wondrous advances in medicine. Various medications save countless lives each and every day. But if you can lower your cholesterol by simply changing your diet, for example, we believe that is the way to go. The less medicine you need to put into your body, the better!

More To Come
Stay tuned for Part II and III of the Rebooted Body interview with Jim Kean. Next we’ll go through the various panels WellnessFX offers and gain insight into the most important biomarkers we test. You don’t want to miss it!

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