Kelly Starrett and Diane Fu Talk About Life-Changing Experience



Yesterday we brought you the story of Diane Fu, the CrossFit and Olympic lift coach who was doing everything right but felt so wrong. She changed her life with WellnessFX and is currently on her way to overcoming a detrimental thyroid issue.

Her colleague and friend Kelly Starrett joined our CEO Jim Kean to talk about Diane’s transformation from a third-person perspective. Kelly, author of Becoming a Supple Leopard and owner of CrossFit Mobility, has taught tens of thousands of people how to improve their movement in order to be more efficient and safe with their hectic everyday lives.

See what he had to say and follow along with the time-marked summary below. Enjoy!

0:00 – WellnessFX CEO, Jim Kean Introduces Our Guests
As a CrossFit trainer in San Francisco back in 2011, Diane was often known as the “cranky” one. On the inside, she felt tired, bloated, and was constantly cold, even though she was eating right and training like a beast. Kelly Starrett saw this happening and watched as his star trainer changed her life with WellnessFX.

0:51 – Kelly On Diane’s ‘Before’
Diane was Kelly Starrett’s go-to coach. Competing in the Olympics next year? See Diane. Father of five, work a traditional job, and want to get in shape? Diane’s got you.

But Kelly noticed that, lately, Diane just wasn’t feeling good. She was cold all the time, cranky, and just generally unhappy.

1:35 – Time For An Intervention
Diane was diligent about her training and nutrition: it was clear neither her movements nor her diet was a significant problem. There had to be something . . . deeper.

Diane got her blood tested with WellnessFX. All her markers were in the green, except one. That’s all it took to get the ball rolling.

2:25 – Some Problems Need Deeper Investigation
Kelly usually sees people struggle with dehydration, lack of sleep, or not handling stress well. But not Diane. When the WellnessFX results came back and highlighted a malfunctioning thyroid, things started to fall into place. As Diane worked with Dr. Justin Mager, Kelly saw firsthand that fixing this “one small thing” was like opening the flood gates. It had been blocking so much of what Diane’s body needed to be her best.

3:36 – Kelly On Why Everyone Should Get Tested
The body is never in a static situation; it’s always moving. One of Kelly’s big takeaways from watching Diane go through WellnessFX is that we shouldn’t think of conquering one problem as the end. There are constantly things changing along with diet, lifestyle, stress levels, and whatever else life decides to throw at us.

How do we stay on top of these changes as they happen? Test regularly.

4:20 – Why Diane’s Story Is So Great
Kelly can’t stress this enough: Diane was someone who had it all together. Her diet was strict, her training was perfect, her lifestyle had no major health flaws. This story just goes to show that even those who have it all figured out need to get tested.

5:25 – Test Everyone
Kelly finishes up by proclaiming that he hopes all of his clients can be tested by WellnessFX.

Our CEO Jim Kean agrees with this, but wants even more: for everyone to be tested.

Help us make it happen. Spread the word: WellnessFX changes lives!

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