CrossFit and Olympic Lift Coach Diane Fu Changes Life with WellnessFX



WellnessFX changes lives.

That’s what CrossFit and Olympic lift coach Diane Fu learned when she tried WellnessFX for the first time. See what Diane did when she found out she wasn’t quite as healthy on the inside as she thought.

Follow along with the time-marked summary below. Enjoy!

0:00 – WellnessFX CEO, Jim Kean, Sets the Scene
As a CrossFit trainer in San Francisco back in 2011, Diane was often known as the “cranky” one. On the inside, she felt tired, bloated, and was constantly cold, even though she was eating right and training like a beast. Then she heard about WellnessFX. She got tested and the results have been transformational.

1:40 – Diane’s Story
If you had seen Diane two years ago, you probably wouldn’t recognize her. She was training full time, working as a coach at SF Crossfit, competing nationally as an Olympic weight lifter, and had a very active personal and social life. She was tired all the time. She thought this was just the price to pay for being so busy.

Diane’s WellnessFX panel came back with a lot of green. This made sense: she’s Paleo, has a relatively healthy lifestyle, and her life revolves around physical fitness. So, yes, her numbers looked good. Except one thing . . .

3:15 – WellnessFX Identifies an Off-Balanced Thyroid
Diane would have not thought to see a physician. Her annual physical would not have picked up what was off-balance in her body. Plus, her busy lifestyle explained her constant fatigue, right?

But that’s not what WellnessFX is about. “Fine” is not optimal, and it’s clear from her story that Diane was feeling far from optimal. Working with Dr. Justin Mager, Diane got  an extensive blood panel and discovered her thyroid numbers were off.

Her thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH) was very high and actual thyroid hormone productions were low. Diane’s running cold, constant fatigue, and numbers suggested she was suffering from hypothyroidism, which is an underproduction of the thyroid. In short, Diane’s metabolic system was not keeping pace with her life.

4:40 – Diane Makes Changes, Reaps Rewards
Diane had one goal: she just wanted to be warm again. Everything else would just be the icing on the cake.

She was diligent about implementing Dr. Mager’s recommendations. The first 30 days weren’t epic – she simply felt better.

6:00 – Thyroid Imbalance in the U.S.
Twelve percent of Americans walk around with an undiagnosed thyroid issue.
Diane’s experience brings up a good point: change happens gradually. The current medical system is geared towards diagnosing a problem and fixing it as quickly as possible, but that’s not how the body works.

7:50 – Using Data to Optimize Performance
Seeing your biological numbers can be powerful information. But one data point is not helpful in the long run. It was time to track Diane’s progress.

9:30 – Achieving Optimal Performance
The most important part is to monitor how Diane’s doing overall as she moves forward. We don’t want to treat her numbers just for the sake of treating her numbers. There’s also a risk in having TOO much thyroid. Graves’ Disease, for example, stems from an overactive thyroid and actually causes one to lose muscle. This is exactly what Diane DOESN’T want.

Dr. Mager is going to keep an eye on Diane’s basal metabolic rate, weight, and performance during the next few months as they up her thyroid production. This way he can ensure Diane doesn’t go overboard and end up on the other end of the thyroid spectrum.

13:00 – Good or Bad, Data Is Useful
Now that Diane has seen what’s under the hood, she can’t stop. She’s constantly asking what’s the next step, how do I improve, how do I get actively involved in my own health. That’s the beauty and success of WellnessFX.

Our CEO gave some insight on what he’s seen far too often with our members: people aren’t getting retested because they don’t think they’ve been living healthy enough. Even though it’s time for a retest to see how things stand, people feel guilty for not following all of the recommendations, or falling off of their diets, and want to hold off retesting until they are “back on track.” It’s important to get retested even if you’re one of these people: your health doesn’t take a break, so why should you?

14:20 – Diane’s WellnessFX Experience: The Nuts and Bolts
Diane shares a little bit about her experience with getting tested and going through her consultation with Dr. Mager.

15:30 – The Teleconsult
Hear how phone consultations work and how WellnessFX’s interface is optimized for a great experience for members and practitioners.

16:05 – Getting Drawn
Diane must admit, she doesn’t like needles. Still, she found her blood draw relatively easy and objectively fast. She was in and out in 15 minutes.

16:30 – The Future: Diane’s plan
Onward and upward. Diane keeps working and tweaking her wellness regimen for optimal health and performance. Dr. Mager also put her on a thyroid replacement that’s biologically identical to the hormone in our bodies. It will be interesting to see how her body reacts.

The Bottom Line
We look forward to tracking Diane’s progress as she continues to push towards optimization. As for her WellnessFX experience, we’ll let her tell it:

“My progress speaks volumes to what WellnessFX is doing. You’ve provided me with the opportunity to be my best self!”

Check out the WellnessFX Advanced Thyroid panel here.

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