Should You Take The Plunge? What Our Members Have To Say

Have you tried out Annual Checkup? Did you know it’s FREE? Did you know you can walk into your local blood-draw facility today and have your results on an extremely intuitive platform before the end of the week?

Annual Checkup is like an introductory course to the WellnessFX lifestyle. You’ll be able to see how little effort it takes to get meaningful insight into your personal biology. You’ll be able to access your data any time, any place, without having to request a print-out from your doctor. And you’ll be a part of a thriving community dedicated to wellness.

With e-Checkup, you can expect to:

  • Take control of your health with our FREE Annual Checkup diagnostics.

  • Measure 25+ biomarkers covering cholesterol, blood counts, organ function, thyroid and more!
  • Get precise measurements of your strength, energy, and physical efficiency
  • Receive notification from a doctor about any critical values.
  • Access and own your data, 24/7 via web or mobile device. You own your data and decide what to do with your numbers.
  • Skip appointments, waiting rooms, referrals, and co-pays! Users are usually in and out within 15 minutes

But what do our members actually have to say? Is it worth it? Does it have any real world applications?

We’ll let you be the judge:

“The sign-up process, the electronic results and profile, and the use/guide of site was easy, painless, and informative.”

“Superb UX! “

“Super easy, fun and informative!”

“Such a frictionless process with outstandingly thorough results.”

“So far very user friendly and extremely fast turn around.”

“Quick and efficient. Couldn’t ask for more.”

“My Dad’s father passed away after a major heart attack in his late 50’s or early 60’s. My father is now reaching that age so I am going to recommend a full blood workup so he can see his risk factors to make sure his lifestyle.”

“Information is good to have and tracking over time is even better!”

“Information I’ve never gotten before. I never saw my prior tests, the doctor just said, ‘everything looks good’ and off I went. Feeling ownership of my results is a big deal. More useable info than I’ve ever had.”

“I love diving into the data and working to correlate it to my diet and activities.”

“I much prefer this to my annual check up with a doctor. I will make this my go-to for medical advice moving forward.”

“I love this concept and would love to be an affiliate and put a link on my website.”

“I love having full ownership of my numbers and like the idea of being able to stay on top of any slowly trending health issues and manage them before they become crises.”

“I have already started sending all my clients to WellnessFX”

“I got my results on the next day! Thanks!”

“Great testing. Fast and convenient. I’ve already urged friends, family and coworkers to have the free testing done.”

“As a CrossFit coach, I find WellnessFX to be a great resource for not only myself, but the athletes I train. Understanding how my training and nutrition are affecting my body are of utmost important. I want to live a long, health and fit life and this resource is crucial in providing feedback that will allow me to accomplish my goal!”

“Already recommended it to my friend Thomas Elliott and he signed up right away!”

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