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credit: Instagram @mrsgnarlsbailey

credit: Instagram @mrsgnarlsbailey

WellnessFX Annual Checkup has landed and sure has made a big splash! Our new service (FREE for a limited time) lets you take control of your health by accessing and owning your data.

But what is the experience really like? Sure, it’s free, getting your blood drawn is quick and easy, and you’ll be able to access your health data from the palm of your hand, but is it worth your time?

We say YES. But, of course, do you expect us to suggest any differently? The best way to tell if WellnessFX is for you is through customer experience and word of mouth. We continually bring you these member stories right here on our blog. We encourage you to assess the data for yourself. It’ll be practice for when you get your blood results back!

Facebook = Healthbook?

Our first eCheckup review comes from Nye Walker, who recently received her free blood results. She shared a synopsis on Facebook:

  • Nye has a low white blood-cell count (white blood cells are part of the body’s defense system). Specifically, she has low neutrophils and a high percentage of lymphocytes (two different types of white blood cells). Either low or high percentages both indicate something possibly off in the body. Could it be a low-grade chronic infection?
  • She’s a paleo eater, and her flawless lipid panel shows it!
  • Her iron and platelet levels are also good.
  • Nye has been recovering from fatigue, so her low thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH) levels were expected.

Tom O’Neill was told his blood results would come in 3-5 business days. He also shared a bit of his experience on Facebook: he received them in less than 24 hours.

And a couple more Facebook reviews . . .

“Got my blood test results back. I’m pretty much all in the green. Slightly low DHEA-S (hormone made by the adrenal gland), high Apolipoprotein B (protein in bad cholesterol), and my vitamin D and B12 levels are through the roof.”

“Very cool to see all this in the way WellnessFX charts it out. This Thursday I have a call with a RD, LD, CSSD, CSCS to discuss my results in-depth.”

Tweet for Health

Twitter’s been buzzing with #wellness for a while, but we’ve been really enjoying see how empowered our members have been with eCheckup. See for yourself:

Once You’ve Gotten A Taste . . .

eCheckup isn’t the only thing getting buzz. Our various panels are still going strong! After getting your free blood test and reviewing the results in our intuitive platform, why not dive deeper? Here are some of the benefits to upgrading:

  • More biomarkers. Our Baseline, Performance, and Thyroid panels are tailored to your individual goals to go more in depth about your system biology. Analyzing your numbers can be more than just avoiding chronic illnesses as you age. Want more energy, better performance, and more impressive gains in the gym? Your blood has the answer.
  • One-on-one consult. Our platform (available to all our members) gives a comprehensive overview of each biomarker, why we test it, and what the different ranges mean. However, the body is not an isolated system. All these factors work together in intricate and amazing ways. Talking with a professional about your numbers and your personal goals and lifestyle can be life-changing!
  • The ability to track. You should be testing you blood every 3-6 months (that’s how long it takes for your body to completely renew its blood cell count, so in 3-6 months your markers will only represent the state of your body since your last draw!)

We’ve blogged about a plethora of experiences with advanced WellnessFX panels, from finding the cure to asthma to losing 100 pounds. But every story has its own take-aways. Here are a few of the newest member experiences to shed light on how in-depth analysis can enhance our lives!

From Light-Headed to All Smiles

Zach Davis, a blogger and author who runs the site, has been a member of WellnessFX for a while. When he first stopped by a LabCorp location last November, Zach was dreading his blood draw. On top of this, he had problems with fatigue and couldn’t go the 12 hours of fasting needed without feeling weak and faint. When the LabCorp technician tried to make small talk with him, he was only focused on not passing out.

Sounds like his blood draw days would be over, right? Wrong! Six months later Zach was actually excited about his WellnessFX follow-up. Since becoming a member he knows what an impact such a small action can have on his health. He’s incorporated intermittent fasting into his lifestyle, so the 12 hour fast was a cake walk and without incident. He eagerly awaits to see how his numbers have improved.

Seeking Perfection

Lars86, a senior member over at Mark’s Daily Apple, has been living the Primal life for about two and a half years now. He didn’t have any specific health concerns and felt great the way he lived his life. Still, he thought it would be beneficial to see if the behind-the-scenes view was just as good as he felt.

To be honest, Lars was quite disappointed. Not with the service, mind you, but because his numbers are almost too good. Just look at all that green . . .

Lab Results - WellnessFX

Lab Results - WellnessFX


What’s Lars’ secret? Luckily for us, he gave quite a bit of insight into his lifestyle.

  • Lars eats primal, which means a lot of natural, whole foods (here’s a lengthy and informative article on the Primal Lifestyle). He describes his habits as pretty stable, “with plenty of local eggs, meat and produce.” He also makes sure not to neglect his vegetables; big salads are a dinner favorite. Finally, he takes in a fair amount of dairy, but keeps it as close to the cow as possible (local raw milk, organic store-bought half&half, and yogurt).
  • He stays pretty active athletically and thus doesn’t pay too much attention to his carb intake. His favorite carb sources are sweet potatoes, bananas, rice noodles, and sushi rice.
  • Lars is a fan of unplanned, intermittent fasting.
  • Even with a sound nutritional plan, there are just some nutrients that are too hard to get enough of. Lars supplements with 1000mg of C, 5000-10000iu of Vitamin-D3, and 12-24mg of iodine.

He had his results, but now what to do with them? With a one-on-one nutritional consult, Lars and his practitioner discussed how to get even better. The obvious starting place was the outlying cholesterol numbers. They concluded that his slightly elevated LDL isn’t much of a concern in the context of the really low Triglycerides and high HDL. As for the ApoB, the reasons for the high numbers are not completely known. His practitioner had a theory, however. Since his blood cells are so healthy, they might live longer than most people’s and therefore skew the results. Who knew?

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