Recovering From Cancer with WellnessFX

One of the hardest journeys a person can be forced to take is a fight against cancer. Depending on the type, the survival rate in America can be pretty good when caught early, but the treatments are devastating to the body. Chemotherapy sessions, surgeries, and therapy can all take their toll.

Though many people think of the disease as one for the elderly, cancer can be surprising and devastating for people of any age. Ping, pictured above, was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma Stage 2 cancer in early 2013. Lymphoma is a cancer of the white blood cells, which are responsible for a broad range of immune responses in the body (i.e., they help to keep us from getting sick). Cancer is usually classified in four different stages depending on how much the diseased has progressed. For lymphoma, Stage 2 means that two or more lymph node regions are affected. This can be especially dangerous because the lymph nodes are like a highway to the rest of the body: once the cancer gets here, it can hitch a ride in the blood stream and plant itself in different organs.

Ping went through the hard process of chemotherapy and was prepping himself menatlly for radiation as well. He had many different doctors handling his care and recovery, but ultimately felt like he should be in control. Then he heard about WellnessFX. Here is his story:

What most people don’t realize is that the journey doesn’t end at remission. Even when the threat of cancer is far behind, there’s still the long-term effects of radiation, chemo, and surgery. These treatments are necessary for short-term survival, but they introduce a risk of causing potentially fatal secondary cancers, heart disease, and lung disease 40 or more years later. Of course, it’s amazing that people with fatal maladies are able to extend their life expectancy from a few months to 40 years. But with companies like WellnessFX offering healthcare in the patients hands, we can upgrade “survival” to optimizing health and performance after treatment. 

For Ping, WellnessFX was like a dream come true. He knew his body would suffer after chemo. Radiation treatments are more focused today than ever, but can still pose long-term risks. Ping wanted to be the first one to know about his progress in recovery. With all the advanced biomarkers offered and the intuitive web-based platform, Ping was able to see what his baseline looked like after chemo so he could track the exact changes his body was going through with radiation, then with overall recovery.

Ping is now in remission. And with diligent tracking, the right lifestyle choices, and the ability to actually confirm the validity of his choices, he may not have to settle for remission. Ping has the chance to live a long, healthy, active life with his family.

WellnessFX’s newest product, e-Checkup, is perfect for those looking to manage disease and chronic conditions. Our product is not just for those who already feel good, but for anyone on the journey toward better health.

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