“It’s Such A Powerful Tool For Healing”

credit: Instagram @vyshs

credit: Instagram @vyshs

Another great month at WellnessFX! We had an awesome Fireside Chat with Tim Ferriss and Dr. Justin Mager, we opened up in Michigan, and we were named one of the top health apps by Greatist.

Most importantly, we’ve continued offering awesome services to our members. We take feedback very seriously and are grateful to have such a smart, vocal community. All feedback is shared with the entire WellnessFX staff, from engineers to bloggers to even the CEO himself. This encourages everyone to push towards great new ways of putting healthcare back in the hands of the patient. As a bonus, it also encourages and reminds us of WellnessFX’s awesome impact!

Here are some of the highlights:

“I look forward to the continued development and offerings that WellnessFX will be making.”

“Being able to see the results of my blood work is incredible. It’s such a powerful tool for healing.”

“Many thanks for all you do at WellnessFX!”

“Nice to have the archive of the consultation and the notes from the practitioner.”

“Thankful to have a baseline and some recommendations as to how to proceed from here :)”

“I really thought this was beneficial and will probably do this again in a few months.”

“I was very impressed with how smoothly everything went, from getting my blood drawn to talking to the practitioner. I was amazed at how quickly my lab results were available online.”

“Really love the idea and how you guys promote good health. I can tell you it hasn’t been difficult finding a coworker to join me for a healthy lunch after our results came in!”

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