He’s just the kind of doctor I’ve been looking for . . .

credit: iStock @BrianAJackson

credit: iStock @BrianAJackson

Every month we like to share member experiences to give a clear picture of what it’s like working with WellnessFX. We not only offer a broad variety of biomarker testing, but also personal consults with some of the top experts in the field.

WellnessFX consults are more than a regurgitation of the results you see on your computer screen or a re-packaging of information found on Wikipedia. Our practitioners review your test results and questionnaire before the consult. The WellnessFX platform has basic information on the biomarkers tested along with what your numbers mean, so you and your practitioner can jump right into the best way to seek improvements given your lifestyle and priorities.

WellnessFX practitioners:

  1. Are either MDs, certified dietitians, certified personal trainers, or naturopathic physicians.
  2. Look over your results beforehand to maximize your time.
  3. Are focused on prevention and getting to the root of the cause.
  4. Prefer natural solutions over medications.
  5. Compile notes and supply personalized written recommendations that are posted to your dashboard for later reference.

Here’s what WellnessFX customers have said after their consults, taken from feedback over the last month:

“We just need to clone him 🙂 He is awesome – very easy to talk to, very knowledgeable about wellness and lab results, positive and supportive, balanced in his approach for meds and supplements, and he explains things beautifully.”

“She knew what she was talking about and gave me awesome feedback.”

“Very insightful. Thanks for the help, guys!”

“He was very informative, patient, and specific. It was an excellent consult.”

“Really great, tailored recommendations. Thanks!”

“Very helpful feedback! She was able to cram in LOTS of useful information into our short session on my labs, nutrition, and fitness, and is following up with some great things I can work on to improve my labs. She even went over by 10 mins at no extra charge. Great job!”

“She was great. She explained to me in detail what are the lifestyle changes I need to make to achieve my fitness goal. She meticulously went over my test results and understood my dietary and eating habits and suggested healthier alternatives. She is awesome. I’m going to make some lifestyle changes immediately and can’t wait to share the results.”

“He understood my diet and focused on the right tweaks to make to my supplements.”

“I appreciate his professionalism and knowledge. He answered all of my questions about my test results and provided me with actionable advice I can begin utilizing immediately. All I could ask for!”

“I received a lot of great info in a short period of time. Answered all my concerns and questions.”

“Very informed and concise. Thanks.”

“The consult was fabulous! He’s just the kind of doctor I’ve been looking for – MD yet open-minded and balanced in approach towards meds and supplements. We just need to clone him :-)”

“He’s super knowledgeable and able to explain things well – he even understands what to really look for in thyroid/adrenal issues. That’s one area that I can’t even trust the “supposed experts” to be knowledgeable about.”

“I’ve been struggling with weight loss for awhile, and it was super helpful to be able to get most everything tested, to rule out certain things I wondered might be an issue. My consult doc also was positive and supportive about there are things that can be done here that will work to improve some of my red markers.”

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