WellnessFX First Thoughts – A Member Experience

credit: Instagram @QuantifiedSelf

credit: Instagram @QuantifiedSelf

Dave is all about the quantified self movement. He sleeps with a Zeo, tracks his movement with a pedometer, and has a subscription to 23andMe. He recently left his day job and is now self-employed. But because of a pre-existing health condition, he hasn’t been able to get affordable insurance. Since he has to pay for services out of pocket, he wants the most bang for his buck. He’d heard about WellnessFX, thought it could be a good value, and decided to check it out.

Here was his experience:

  • Finding a lab nearby Dave was super easy. He was in and out in 15 minutes, including the time it took to fill out necessary paperwork.
  • Dave went in for his blood test on a Tuesday. He had his results by Friday.

Dave hasn’t had his consult yet, but he was able to log-in the WellnessFX site to view all of his results and easily see which areas would need addressing.

  • Dave’s triglycerides are high. He’s known this from previous tests, but has since been taking Omega-3 supplements and is eager to talk with a WellnessFX practitioner to see what other piece of the puzzle is missing.
  • For the deeper level cholesterol diagnostics included in WellnessFX Baseline (vLDL-C, LP(a), and Apo B), Dave’s Apo B reading is a little concerning.
  • Despite having a sweet tooth, Dave’s metabolic biomarkers turned out just fine.
  • Dave’s kidney markers look mostly fine. In fact, all of the biomarkers here are within ‘normal’ ranges, but a couple (creatinine and BUN) are right at the border. WellnessFX is about not settling for anything less than ideal. So, of course, Dave looks forward to discussing with his WellnessFX practitioner on how to improve.
  • Like many Americans, Dave’s Vitamin D is quite low. Enough so, in fact, that his results display suggests he already start on Vitamin D supplementation.

Dave has grappled with OCD and Depression in the past and wants to make sure he has a consult specifically tailored to his needs. After looking over the variety of WellnessFX practitioners, Dave decided on a physician with expertise in mental health. Now that he’s had a chance to review his results, research the biomarkers, and pull together some vital questions, he’s ready to work with an expert to plan next steps.

In my opinion, this is the future of medicine. “But Dave, how can you spend $199 when there isn’t anything wrong with you?” Well, first off, I have plenty of health problems, so there is plenty wrong with me. But, lets say I was healthy, I still think this would be a good investment. It takes very little time and empowers the individual to take care of their own health.

Read Dave’s full review here and check back often for his post-consult update!

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