How To Recover From Your Workouts As Fast As Possible – Beyond Nutrition with Ben Greenfield

credit: iStock @bytepark

credit: iStock @bytepark

From post-workout proprietary blends of fancy carbohydrates and protein…

…to special supplements like proteolytic enzymes, anti-inflammatory herbal cocktails, and essential amino acids…

…we’re taught time and time again to stuff our faces with foods, pills, capsules, powders, and liquids to fully enhance workout recovery.

But believe it or not, there are other strategies you can implement to bounce back from your workouts as fast as possible – simple strategies that tend to be forgotten or fly under the radar. After all, it’s easier to pop a pill post-workout than it is to spend five minutes on a foam roller.

However, if you want every advantage possible, here are my top recovery recommendations that go beyond nutrition:

Finally, I keep a few technology tools around the house, namely for sore spots or injuries, including:

As you can see, the variety of workout recovery methods you can use to bounce back from your workouts (or injuries) goes way above and beyond nutrition. For more workout recovery tips and other fitness, fat loss and nutrition advice, tune in to

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