Have You Heard Of WellnessFX?

credit: iStock @BrianAJackson

credit: iStock @BrianAJackson

When Yoga teacher Alexandra Ellis heard about Kelly Starrett’s ‘Maintaining Your Body‘  CreativeLive event, attendance was a no-brainer. Kelly has taught tens of thousands of people how to improve their movement in order to be more efficient and safe with their hectic everyday lives.

In ‘Maintaining Your Body‘, Kelly tackled questions such as: How do you fix your position while sitting at your desk at work for hours on end? How can you lift your kids without hurting your back? What’s the best way to run to avoid long-term injury? It was two whole days of learning how to move all over again.

Needless to say, Alexandra had an ‘amazing’ time. “For me, it was revolutionary,” she wrote. “To take the knowledge that has been kept by the professionals all this time and offer it to anyone who was interested for free. The experience has absolutely changed how I view human movement and my own body, and I now find myself compelled to tell everyone about it.”

Kelly brought in other revolutionaries for talks, discussions, and presentations focused on optimizing health. One such presenter was yours truly: WellnessFX. Here is what Alexandra had to say about the service:

“Have you heard of WellnessFX? Well you should – it’s a company created by Jim Kean that allows you to have your blood drawn and the reports provided back to you in a clear and easy-to-understand way. You even get consultations with their doctors, or can share your results with your own. We don’t think much of it, but being able to do what you want with your OWN blood in this country is radical. In California, for example, it is actually illegal for you to walk into a lab and ask for a blood test without a doctor. WellnessFX brings the control back to you. I remember asking my doctor for a lipid panel when I was in college as my dad had just found that he had high cholesterol – I was told that I was too young, did not need the information, and that my insurance would probably not pay for it.”

As Alexandria saw for herself, times are changing. WellnessFX is putting health data back in the hands of the individual. The question is: how will you use it to shape your life?

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