How Tim Ferriss Is Building the Perfect Human

“Tim is Indiana Jones for the digital age.” 

Tim_Ferriss-Facebook-postWellnessFX is about experimentation. The body fully replenishes its red blood cell population every 3-6 months and the biomarkers we test can be easily tracked over time to measure progress. Our members become closely familiar their personal biology to inform crucial lifestyle decisions.

Best-selling author and quantified-selfer Tim Ferriss knows all about tracking and experimentation. In fact, he’s dedicated his life to it. It all started during college when he was striving to go All-American in wrestling and tried experimenting with diuretics to cut 20+ pounds in 24 hours for weigh-ins to qualify for a lower weight-class. He would then rehydrate back to normal weight in time for the match. Talk about extreme dedication!

It’s All In The Blood

For the last decade Tim has been tracking everything from complete lipid panels, insulin, and hemoglobin A1c, to IGF-1 and free testosterone. From gaining muscle by working each body part only 80 seconds a week to binge eating without gaining a pound, Tim takes full advantage of the knowledge he collects.

Tim and WellnessFX found each other a couple years ago. Tim’s results showed he was very low in myristic acid, a common (and important) saturated fatty acid. As new WellnessFX members can see for themselves this Thursday, March 28, Tim is dedicated to building the perfect human, so being deficient in anything just wouldn’t do! He started taking coconut oil every morning to balance out his levels. His morning-time fatigue and grogginess went out the window.

As Tim puts it, “the act of measuring makes yourself aware of your decisions.” We see examples of this everyday. A person’s order at a restaurant may differ vastly depending on whether they choose from a menu which lists calories and one which does not. WellnessFX’s expert-led nutrition recommendations builds on this concept. Many of the biomarkers we track–TSH, HbA1c, ApoB, and hs-CRP, for example–are unknown to the average American despite having drastic effects on overall health, energy, and performance.

Here are some of Tim’s top tracking methods:

  • Zeo – Tim found his degrees of restfulness depend not on how long he sleeps, but by what percent of sleep he spends in REM (Rapid-Eye Movement, the phase in which dreaming takes place).

  • Dexcom – He has a device implanted in his abdomen that constantly measures his glucose levels. He was able to determine that his ‘post-workout shake’ is actually most effective when taken before a workout.

  • Poop Scale – Tim often tells the now-famous story of how he measured his own feces to disprove the calorie-in/calorie-out way of thinking to lose weight. By manipulating his chemistry he controlled how much food his body actually absorbed, regardless of how much he ate.

  • Nike Fuel Band – All Tim’s daily movements are delivered to him electronically in an easily-digestible format. This simple knowledge motivates him to remain physically active, even when life gets hectic.

  • WellnessFX – “WellnessFX helps people understand and control aspects of their personal well being that I have not seen in any other company dedicated to health and wellness.”

Living Healthy And Having the Time to Enjoy It

“Tim has packed more lives into his 29 years [at time of publication] than Steve Jobs has in his 51.”

credit: iStock @mbortolino

credit: iStock @mbortolino

Tim quickly became frustrated by the inefficiencies at his first job out of college, which was in sales at a data storage company. He set out to build his own business and since has become the master of making time work for him, not the other way around. In his best-selling book The 4-Hour Workweek, Tim shares invaluable advice on how to declutter your life by eliminating things like e-mail, applying lifestyle principles in unpredictable economic times, and living to your potential.


The more efficient you are with your time, the more you can accomplish. Here are some of the many things Tim has been able to do by maximizing his efficiency:

  • Princeton University guest lecturer in High-Tech Entrepreneurship and Electrical Engineering

  • Finance and Entrepreneurship advisor at Singularity University at NASA Ames, co-founded by Peter Diamandis and Ray Kurzweil.

  • First American in history to hold a Guinness World Record in tango

  • Speaker of 5 languages

  • National Chinese kickboxing champion

  • Horseback archer (yabusame) in Nikko, Japan

  • 2009 Henry Crown Fellow at the Aspen Institute

  • Political asylum researcher

  • MTV breakdancer in Taiwan

  • Hurling competitor in Ireland

  • Wired Magazine’s “Greatest Self-Promoter of 2008″

WellnessFX embodies this spirit of efficiency and making the most of your time. We offer quick, convenient biomarker-testing and professional 20-minute phone consultations that members can do in their pajamas. Through the cloud-based mobile iPhone app, users can access their personal health metrics anytime, anywhere and keep track of their supplements, diets, and daily activities in one location.

“WellnessFX is what I would build for myself to track and measure my performance.”

There’s no one more qualified to talk about building the Perfect Human than Tim Ferriss. See and hear for yourself, in person, LIVE, next week in San Francisco. Click here for more details!

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