WellnessFX Has Landed In Indiana!

Now Available In Indiana. Click Here!

iStock_000005243413XSmallA lot has been happening with WellnessFX. We released our new Performance Panel, were featured on The Doctors, and continue to expand nationally. Most recently, WellnessFX has opened in The Hoosier State!

If you’re new to WellnessFX, please take a few minutes to look over all we have to offer with our Baseline and Performance packages. Then see what others have to say about their WellnessFX experiences. We’ve made it so that setting up your blood draw and consult is painless, quick, and rewarding!

We look forward to working with our new Indianian members!

*If we haven’t made it to your state yet, don’t fret! It’s good you’re here! Leave us a comment. We’re constantly expanding and the more we hear from you, the sooner we’ll be available.

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