Take Your Plan To Another Level With The Latest WellnessFX App!

breezi_placeit-1Wellness can be hard. In today’s culture we are often away from the sun, working sedentary jobs, and constantly faced with the temptation of unhealthy foods; it can take a lot to stay in tip-top condition. Supplements, conscious eating, and exercise should all be part of your daily plan.

With WellnessFX’s latest iPhone app update, you can have your biological data (lab test results), practitioner recommendations, and a fully customizable daily plan right in the palm of your hand. Here’s a list of what’s new in this version:

  1. Develop and track new healthy habits related to exercise, diet, supplements and sleep
  2. Take notes for your personal records
  3. Stay on track with custom reminders
  4. New passcode lock option to keep WellnessFX lab results secure
  5. Bug fixes and other improvements

So how can you put these new features to good use? Take Mike, for example, your average WellnessFX member. After downloading the app, he simply logs-in and has instant access to his labs and recommendations. Now all he has to do is fill out his plan.

Recommendations-list Plan-(Healthy-habits-list) Healthy-habit-details(1)

Mike starts in the Labs section of the app. During his consult 24 days ago, Dr. Harlan made several suggestions for improved wellness. Each recommendation comes with a detailed summary. If we look in the screenshot above, we can see that Mike should take multiple vitamins (A, D, and a B complex), avoid processed foods, and keep away from simple carbohydrates.

Next Mike moves on to the Plan section. He’s been given all the information he needs to improve his health and now it’s up to him to make the change. But we can all use a little help, right? He sets up a Reminder to take his supplements daily, and is even able to list all the supplements right along with the dosages. He can attach such notes and alarms to any part of his plan. For example, in Mike’s ‘Avoid processed foods’ habit, he lists daily meal plans.

Habits and tasks in the WellnessFX app are fully customizable. Mike, for example, recently came across WellnessFX’s Small Steps, Big Changes and wants to incorporate some of the easy health tips into his life. Working out 10-30 minutes a day, drinking lemon water for Vitamin C, and brief meditations are his favorites. Using the app, he sets daily reminders as simple motivations to stay on track. Mike is well on his way to seeing big results when it’s time for his next WellnessFX blood draw!

All the awesome features from previous versions are still there, including reviewing your labs any time, any place, and having a mini supplement encyclopedia at your fingertips!

You can enjoy the benefits even if you aren’t yet a WellnessFX member. Try it out. It’s free!

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