What Members Have To Say About WellnessFX Practitioners

WellnessFX has been rapidly expanding: we’re opening up in new states left and right! That means a lot more people will be hearing about us. We frequently share our member testimonials on the blog to give a clear picture of the WellnessFX experience for any new-comers. But our practitioners and the personalized consults they provide are such a big part of what makes WellnessFX a success that we can’t over-emphasis how awesome they are!

WellnessFX practitioners:

  • Are either MD’s, certified dietitians, certified personal trainers, or naturopathic physicians.
  • Look over member results beforehand to maximize your time.
  • Are focused on prevention and getting to the root of the cause.
  • Prefer natural solutions over medications.
  • Compile notes and supply personalized written recommendations so members can give 100% attention during the actual consult.

Here’s a compilation of what our members have to say about their WellnessFX practitioner.

December Overall Testimonial

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