Optimizing Oxygen Efficiency With WellnessFX Performance Panel

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credit: Instagram @thepolymerclayfactory

credit: Instagram @thepolymerclayfactory

WellnessFX launched its Performance Panel last week for all the athletes who want to push themselves further toward their potential. The great thing about WellnessFX Performance Panel is that it includes all the biomarkers from Baseline (check out our Biomarker Series to refresh yourself!) and thirty more!

Here’s some of the key features:

  • Identify and resolve factors impacting performance plateaus and recovery times.
  • Consult with a physician for techniques to manage your hormones naturally and safely (without steroids!).
  • Analyze and modify your body’s efficiency in carrying out key metabolic processes.
  • Receive all the benefits of WellnessFX Baseline, including personal risk evaluation for heart disease, diabetes, cancer, and a variety of chronic illnesses.

But what do all of these new biomarkers mean? How can they help you reach your goals? Or, even better, set goals you didn’t even know were achievable?

Fitness expert, personal trainer, and WellnessFX practitioner Ben Greenfield collaborated with Medical Director Doctor Murdoc Khaleghi to break down the benefits of the Performance Panel for athletes over a three-part video series. Last week they discussed the most important and basic biomarkers for athletes to monitor. Next up is oxygen efficiency.

Have you ever climbed a flight of stairs and found yourself out of breath earlier than you anticipated? This is caused by not adequately utilizing oxygen, meaning your body isn’t performing to its potential.

Muscles need oxygen to function properly, and they get that oxygen from Red Blood Cells. Iron is an essential element in the process of creating red blood cells, and it’s carried by a protein called Ferritin. B12 and Folate also help form adequate red blood cells.

Iron is a go-to test when trying to assess oxygen usage efficiency in the body. Ferritin is also usually deficient in athletes because of the constant strain on the body. Measuring and monitoring all of these biomarkers can inform adjustments from a nutritional standpoint. Your WellnessFX Performance Panel Practitioner will help you come up with a nutrition and supplement plan entirely tailored to your needs!

Stay-tuned for part three!

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