Performance and Mobility with CrossFit Endurance

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Practice. Practice. Practice.

Makes perfect. Right?

Maybe. But then again, maybe not. Traditionally, the idea is: want to get better at running? Run a lot. Swimming? Swim until you sprout gills. Biking? Bike until . . . you get the picture.

CrossFit Endurance founder Brian MacKenzie has a new book out where he talks about these questions and more: Power Speed ENDURANCE. Brian came by the WellnessFX offices to chat with our CEO Jim Kean about his new book, the common problems with posture and mobility, and how weight training can help break years of bad habits. Here’s a snippet of their conversation:

Mobility problems start at a young age. As it turns out, we do everything right in the beginning. Walking, running, being active. But as we grow and become more social creatures, our gait changes, the types of shoes we wear affects our movements, and we quickly forget the ‘right way’ to do things.

Some of us take up running, biking, or swimming to stay active and offset the increasingly sedentary American lifestyle. We do those for long periods of time, and then, exhausted, retreat to comfortable positions. In a weird, roundabout way, our unvaried exercise is contributing to bad posture.

There’s also the problem of frequent long periods of exercise with bad form. Remember practice? It doesn’t always make perfect. It makes permanent. If you practice good form, then permanent for you will be close to perfect; if not . . .

That’s why it’s important to incorporate weight-lifting and bodyweight exercises into your workout regimens, even if your goal is to only run faster and longer. As Brian puts it, weight-lifting is practicing good position. As strength increases, the body will naturally support itself better.

Brian MacKenzie’s Top 3 Exercises for Enhancing Mobility

Before he left, Brian shared with up his top three exercises for building the strength needed to absolve yourself of a lifetime of bad habits. They are:

The Squat

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The Clean

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The Press

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