Member Follow-up: Healing the Thyroid, Beat Cholesterol

credit: Instagram @lovedayyy

credit: Instagram @lovedayyy

We hoped you’ve enjoyed our week of testimonials! We really do have awesome members and just wanted to take some time out to highlight them, their awesome achievements, and give a real picture of what the WellnessFX experience is all about.

To cap off the week, we have a post from a veteran! Kristin Newman wrote about her experience nearly a year ago, when our blog was just a baby, which you can find here and here. We believe WellnessFX should be used as a way to track an individual’s on-going progress to achieve and maintain wellness, as the body is a constantly changing entity. So we’re happy to congratulate Kristin on getting her first follow-up!

Second Time Around . . .

There was a lot to be happy about. After her first consult, Kristin went Paleo, worked on her sleeping patterns, and added new supplements to her regimen. Here are some of the highlights.

kristin 3

  • Kristin’s white blood cells and neutrophils went from ‘high risk’ to ‘low risk.’ During her consult back in February, she was told her low levels were due to adrenal fatigue, a result of stress. Since, she has made a concerted effort to lower her caffeine intake, stress levels, and commit to better sleeping patterns. As you can see, it’s paid off!
  • Her HDL and LDL ratios were great. As you may recall, HDL (the ‘good cholesterol’) helps shuttle LDL (the ‘bad cholesterol’) out of harmful places like arteries and back to the liver, where it belongs.
  • Her glucose sensitivity was great, most likely a result of the low-carb aspect of Paleo.

That Pesky Cholesterol . . .

Despite these successes, a certain area had Kristin scratching her head. Because of her red cholesterol levels from before, she received an in-depth LDL panel. Here were her results:


The lines represent areas that were tested both times: now and 10 months ago. As you can see, there wasn’t much movement, and all around there’s a lot of red! Even if you’ve been following our member testimonials, you might not recognize a lot of these biomarkers. They are from a low-density lipoprotein (‘bad’ cholesterol) panel, which goes even deeper into the intricacies of this biomarker that’s the main cause of heart disease. For example, more and more research is showing that particle size is important to look at when considering the effects of LDL, along with other particles associated with the molecules, like ApoB and Lp(a). Take a look at this Dr. Oz episode for an idea of the latest findings in the field: Is Everything You Know About Cholesterol Wrong?

Kristin had read time and time again about the awesome results people received after going Paleo and having similar tests done. She has been pretty strict with her diet over the last several months, so her results made her wonder: What could be the problem? As you can imagine, she was anxious to talk with an expert about her numbers.

The Consult

Kristin consulted with one of our WellnessFX practitioners, who pointed out that her Lp(a) cholesterol dropped significantly, which is actually pretty hard to do. It’s very likely that this improvement is a direct result of the diet changes Kristin made from her last consult. Kristin’s practitioner then looked at the other biomarkers for possible answers. She found this:


Back in February, it seemed that Kristin’s high TSH levels could have been a fluke, since they were so close to the risk-line anyway. However, this second draw pretty much confirms there may be reason for concern here.

TSH basically does what it says: it stimulates the thyroid. When the thyroid isn’t doing as much as it should, the body makes more TSH to bring it back to normal. In the same light, when the thyroid is super active, the body scales back on TSH to level it out. Either way, too high or too low of levels are indications of a thyroid issue. This was especially relevant to Kristin, as her mother is currently on thyroid medication, so her issues could be genetic.

But what does this have to do with cholesterol? Believe it or not, hypothyroidism can cause elevated levels. There are an estimated 13 million Americans with thyroid disease, and at least half are undiagnosed. A study this year found that thyroid hormone (not to be confused with thyroid stimulating hormone….high TSH levels mean the body isn’t producing sufficient thyroid hormone) reduces cholesterol levels. So while it’s certainly a bummer that Kristin didn’t experience the magical change in numbers she expected, it’s good that she’s one step closer to finding the real culprit. That’s what WellnessFX is all about, unraveling the veil of mystery wrapped around our bodies and taking health and wellness by the reigns.

Where To Go From Here

Kristin knows that you don’t give up because of bumps in the road. Here is what she took away from her consult:

  • Get thyroid follow-up labs.
  • More veggies in her life.
  • Supplementation: B12, fish oil, Vitamin C, Zinc, Vitamin D3.
  • Take up meditation or gentle yoga for adrenals.

And here are some other things she’s going to try to improve upon:

  • Cooking at home. Eating out leaves us too exposed to sugar and gluten in sauces and curries. Better to be sure and use home recipes.
  • Diving deeper into techniques for better sleep.
  • Incorporating friends in relaxation techniques/activities.

We know Kristin will continue to push towards a healthier self, and we look forward to hearing more about her journey!

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