Blood, Stress and Diet – A Member Experience



The great thing about WellnessFX is it can be utilized at both the beginning of your road to wellness or after you’ve already spent half a lifetime devoted to health and fitness. There really is no ‘targeted group’: anyone who’s trying to improve and/or keep up their health can greatly benefit!

That said, we’re happy to welcome a new member into the WellnessFX family. Alexandra Williams runs her own fitness site, Fun and Fit, with Kymberly Williams-Evans. Together, these two experts host radio shows, teach classes, and have won many awards for their online content. Alexander recently got her blood drawn with WellnessFX Baseline as part of the FitFluential campaign and posted a nifty blog about her experience on her site. Here’s a summary:

  • Alexandra was in and out of her blood draw in 15 minutes!
  • She reported very good results–she was ‘green’ for nearly every category. She attributes this to ‘portion size and food selection.’
  • The only bad part of her results were her LDL (low-density lipoprotein) levels. This is otherwise known as ‘bad cholesterol’. Alexandra has a family history of bad cholesterol and thinks genetics is the main culprit, as she eats pretty cleanly.

Alexandra wasn’t interested in prescription dugs, so she chose an RD for her consultation to keep it as natural as possible. Here were the recommendations:

  1. Use unsaturated fats (olive oil, canola oil) in place of saturated fats (butter) when cooking.
  2. Limit amount of butter added to food (1-2 teaspoons).
  3. Avoid Trans Fats (hydrogenated oil, partially hydrogenated oil) often found in regular peanut butter, packaged baked goods, and fast food.
  4. Implement yoga, more walks, and going to bed earlier to deal with high stress levels, which possibly showed up on her panel as high bilirubin.
  5. Supplement with Omega-3 fish oil to round-out her vegetarian diet.

As for a conclusion, Alexandra sums it up best:

I wrote this post to encourage all of you to stay on top of your health. Get your blood checked. Move your carcass. Eat foods that are friendly to your body. Take supplements as needed. And be kind to those idiots who drive under the speed limit on a one-lane mountain pass when you’re late to work. Yeah, still working on that one…

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