What’s In Your Blood?

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credit: Instagram @bgladx

credit: Instagram @bgladx

Dave Korsunsky is a Silicon Valley-based technologist. After 15 years of working in the tech industry, he was unhappy with his body and mind. In his words, it left him out of shape, stressed, and with a shortened attention span. Dave used his frustration to study nutrition science, mindfulness, neuroscience and exercise. He knew he had to share his knowledge, and created phase2minds as a way to help people manage the demands of working in the tech industry.

Thus brought Dave to WellnessFX. He had five specific things that sparked his interest in working with us:

  • Validation that current efforts are paying off. Dave knew one could eat healthier, exercise more, and see awesome physical results, but not much could be said about body chemistry without taking a deeper look. With WellnessFX, he would be able to discern what impact his lifestyle is having on his overall health and wellness.
  • Working in the tech industry, Dave knows the power of data. As he puts it, ‘you need measurable data over time to make good decisions and track your progress.’ This applies to health and the body as well. With WellnessFX, Dave would be able to access his information himself, rather than have it stored away at the doctor’s office.
  • Dave travels and moves a lot, so he knows it can be a bit frustrating to have his health data spread out over multiple doctors in multiple locations. With WellnessFX, he knew his information would be in a centralized location no matter where he got his draw or who he scheduled his consult with.
  • In working towards holistic health, Dave has a medical doctor, a naturopathic doctor, AND a dietitian. A service such as WellnessFX makes it quick and easy to log-in to his computer or phone during a visit to share his data and discuss his results together.
  • WellnessFX tests such a wide range of biomarkers that everyone is bound to come across something new. For Dave, this was motivation to do his own research. For example, he’d never heard of hs-CRP (a marker for inflammation) before and took it upon himself to learn more online, including how to control it. He was also able to find additional information in the WellnessFX app itself.

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hr-CRPDave’s follow-up will be in 6 months. We look forward to seeing his results!

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