Extreme Wellness – A Member Testimonial

Jon 1 jon 1Thus continues our week of WellnessFX testimonials. As we expand, we want to make sure potential members newly exposed to WellnessFX get an accurate picture of what we offer, how easy the process is, and the types of real results you can achieve.

Today, our story is from the fitness blog Extreme Workout, which tracks Jon Luciano on his personal journey to wellness. Jon has very realistic goals, considering his awesome progress in the past. Between 2010 and 2011Jon went from 250 pounds and a BMI of 37.5 to 206 pounds and a BMI of 30.5. While up-to-date progress information isn’t available on the site, his 2013 goals are! They include reaching his target weight of 185 and participating in 6 athletic events.

Jon has been making wonderful improvements to his body on the outside, but how about the inside? He came to WellnessFX to figure that out. Here’s his experience:

The Blood Draw and Results

  • Jon only had to wait three minutes when he arrived for his blood draw (which might actually have increased our member waiting time average. Virtually all of the testimonials have made a point to comment on the unprecedented low wait times, so kudos to LabCorp for that)!
  • Jon had his results in under a week.
  • He discovered that, internally, he’s doing just about as awesome as externally. He had only a couple problem areas here and there, which you can see for yourself below:

jon 2


The Consult

  • Jon scheduled his consult with the WellnessFX health/fitness professional of his choosing. He was able to secure none other than Ben Greenfield, an extremely popular and respected personal trainer. Jon was already a fan.
  • Ben and Jon went over his results over the phone. Jon was frantically taking down notes to capture all the information when Ben told him he didn’t need to do that at all: a summary of the consult would be made available to him in written form. How awesome is that?

jon 3

Jon 4

Jon’s heading into 2013 with a customized plan just for him. He’s going to incorporate the changes suggested by Ben and then get a follow-up test in four months to see how he’s progressing. We wish you the best of luck, and look forward to reading how it goes!

Jon 1

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