Holiday Recipe Series: The Wrap-Up + Holiday Potluck!

photo (25)2012 is almost over. Bellies are stuffed. The bases of Christmas Trees are littered with torn wrapping paper. Pens are clicking, ready to jot down New Year’s Resolutions.

But that Times Square ball hasn’t dropped yet! There’s still a few days left in this year and plenty to celebrate (the world didn’t end, for example!). So, of course, that means more holiday parties! And here at WellnessFX, we believe that ‘fun’ and ‘healthy’ can actually be synonymous. This holiday season we’ve brought you 20 healthy, nutritious, and downright delicious recipes in many different categories. Here’s a secret though: you can use them all year-round!

In case you missed it, here’s the 2012 Holiday Recipe Series in full!

Our staff got so excited about all the talk of healthy recipes, paleo eating, and mouth-watering desserts that we decided to throw our own company potluck. A Paleo Potluck. Everyone on staff brought something, and most of the dishes stuck to the paleolithic guidelines. Among the ranks were grass-fed beef, spaghetti squash, and delicious mushrooms! Here’s a glimpse of what we had to choose from:


But what would our Holiday Paleo Potluck be without a recipe or two (or three) from our very own Holiday Recipe Series? Anyone recognize the two appetizers below? You can find the recipes here.


Most people brought their own dishes, either from their own family recipes, other cookbooks, or just conjured from their paleo-loving hearts! VP of Finance Laura Luppens brought another (paleo) version of the sweet potato pie from Paleo Comfort Foods and bacon-wrapped dates.


(In case you haven’t noticed by now, we love our bacon!) Laura supplied the following recipe for your cooking pleasure. As she puts it: it’s really assembly directions more than a recipe 🙂

Ingredients: Dates, almonds, bacon

Remove pits from dates (or buy dates with pits already removed)
Stuff with one or two whole almonds, depending on date size
Wrap with bacon, and insert a toothpick to hold bacon in place
Bake for 10-15 minutes at 415 degrees, until bacon is cooked

Out of all the dishes, though, the Sweet Potato Poppers was a unanimous favorite. Assembled by the Media Team’s very own Mallory Leone, this crisp, flavorful appetizer disappeared almost as quickly as we could sit it down on the table! More sweet potato recipes like it can be found in Ashley Tudor’s Sweet Potato Power book.

Last but not least, here’s a bonus recipe brought in by another member of the marketing team, Jennifer Hirsch:

jenn meatballs

We hope you’ve been having as much fun at your gatherings with co-workers, friends, family, and loved ones as we did! This concludes WellnessFX’s Holiday Recipe Series, so be sure to let us know what you liked, what you didn’t, and any suggestions for next year’s edition! Happy Holidays!

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