12 Gifts of Wellness

credit: Instagram @ecampbell4

credit: Instagram @ecampbell4

For those of you finishing up your last minute shopping, consider choosing something this holiday season that will stay with your loved one for a long time to come! No, we don’t mean diamonds. We’re talking about something much more important: wellness!

Whether you’re shopping for someone training for a marathon or for someone whose idea of an active week is one where the remote is lost, there’s something for everyone. We tapped Ben Greenfield Fitness, Greatist, and WebMD for workout equipment, winter wear to cooking classes, and anything inbetween.

17 Perfect Fitness & Nutrition Gifts to Add to Your Healthy Holiday Shopping List! – Ben Greenfield Fitness


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What are the uses of Oil of Oregano? Well, how much time do you have? From Ben Greenfield Fitness: “You can put it on your skin to treat acne and eczema, place a few drops under your tongue to kill fungus, microbes, yeast and bad bacteria in your gut, and even mix a little into a spraybottle to mist in your house and on your kitchen counter to destroy microbes. It is a perfect antidote against winter viruses (including swine flu) and gives you complete peace of mind in sickness carrying crowds, such as on airplanes, trains, buses or sporting events.” Ben recommends not to buy Oil of Oregano at commercial grocery stores.  To ensure you’re getting the real deal, click here.

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Chef Todd’s Web Cooking Classes & DVD’s addresses this problem of modern-day cooking: most of us just don’t know what we’re doing. We can follow a recipe, sure, but would we be able to apply the techniques used in a specific recipe to a completely new dish? Do we even know what a cooking technique is? Chef Todd’s philosophy on healthy cooking without recipes has taught thousands of people around the world to cook! If you want to know more about Chef Todd, then just click here to get access to his 5 Cooking DVD’s!


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Miracle Noodles are an “incredibly effective fat-loss tool for those of you who have to have your pasta and eat it too,” Ben says. Miracle Noodles are made from a soluble plant fiber called glucomannan, which in Miracle Noodles is derived from a carboydrate-free flour made from konnyaku imo root. So what does this mean? Miracle Noodles have no fat, sugar, or starch. No carbs, no cals. In fact, they actually slow digestion and make any carbs that you would eat with them have less of an effect on the body. You can get some today by clicking here.


Gymstick originated in Finland as a popular exercise tool at health clubs and homes. This portable device is used for fat loss, lean body toning and beginner to advanced fitness. Ben Greenfield uses his three times per week for 30-45 minutes: once for a core workout, once for a toning workout, and once for a sports performance workout! Purchase it here.

How to Choose Healthy Holiday Gifts – WebMD

According to WebMD, a 30-minute jumprope session at moderate speed can melt 250 calories off of a 130-pound person. It’s a relatively cheap piece of equipment that can easily become a staple in anyone’s fitness routine. One warning is that it may not be suitable for the seriously overweight, as it is a high-impact exercise.

Heart rate monitors range in function and price, and start at about $50. They can be a great gift for people who are just starting to exercise. The best range for fat burning is about 70-80% of maximum heart rate during exercise.

Pedometer’s help you track how much you are moving each day by monitoring the amount of steps you take. They’re perfect for setting concrete goals. For example, give this to someone who’s trying to become more active, tell them to monitor the amount of steps they take each day on average over a week, and then set a goal of doubling that number.

Blender or juicer. For loved ones who can’t seem to get away from drinking juice all the time, this gift can help them go about it the healthy way! From making easy protein shakes to drink on the go to extracting essential nutrients from various fruits and veggies, your loved one will undoubtedly start feeling the effects right away.

The Essential Holiday Gift Guide for Fitness Buffs – Greatist


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We’ve talked a lot about why sitting all day is bad for you, but the real takeway message is that inactivity all day is what’s unhealthy. From standing desks to treadmill workspaces, there are a variety of ways to stay active while working, and this is a relatively cheap one. The FitDesk allows you to work, surf the net, or watch movies while staying active. Also, it folds up, so it doesn’t have to take up that much space. What more could you ask for? Purchase it here.


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Already have a treadmill or bike, or are budget constraints keeping you from getting something like FitDesk? Look no more. The Surf Shelf Laptop Holder attaches to 99% of treadmills, ellipticals and bikes and only costs $40. The shelf is designed with flexibility in mind: It folds up to fit into a gym bag and takes just a minute to install on a new machine. Purchase it here.

Touch Gloves

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How annoying is it to have a song start playing on your playlist that’s totally messing up the middle of you run but you can’t change to the next one because of your fat, bulky gloves? Instead of having to stop, expose your fingers to the cold, and then reapply the gloves, try out the SmartWool Touch Screen Gloves. These gloves are thin enough to be flexible but (thanks to Merino wool) warm enough to wear out in the cold. They boast a knit-in touch-screen capability on the thumb and forefingers, which makes it easy control your mobile device. Perfect for friends and family who live in cold climates. Purchase them here.

Trigger Point Foam Roller

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Using foam rollers just 10-15 minutes per day can prevent injury and increase range of motion. We recommend them especially for anyone who does CrossFit. Utilizing them in the beginning can help a lot with the transition. The Trigger Point Foam Roller is known as one of the best foam rollers on the market due to its light weight, durability, and its special “Distrodensity Zone,” a matrix of varying widths and densities designed to provide a precise massage. Purchase it here.

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