Holiday Recipe Series: Rounding Out Your Plate

Thanksgiving is over. We’re all recovering. Hopefully you didn’t consume too many carbs. But hey, even if you did, it’s in the past, right? With a little planning, your future can look healthier than ever, even if the holiday season is just getting started. If case you’ve been missing out, WellnessFX is doing a healthy holiday recipe series from various cookbooks, blogs, and from our own personal network. Make sure to check out:

This edition deals with the parts of the plate your dinner guests will really remember, the unique side dishes that make them say, “Oh, wow, where did you learn how to make this?” We start off with stuffing, which no holiday feast is complete without. Whatever bird you’re roasting (chicken, duck, or turkey), the meal will surely be better with a little packing. But traditional stuffing is full of wheat and empty calories. What to do for the gluten-free, Paleo crowd? Try out this recipe from Paleo Effect. As an added bonus, the recipe for Paleo Bread is included. This next salad from Ani’s Raw Food Kitchen is easy to make and can be a good starter for those who are curious about the raw-food movement. The salad mix will keep for one day, the dressing will keep for three to four days, and the marinated onions will keep for one day in the fridge (each stored separately). Did you know sweet potatoes can help prevent inflammation? For our Paleo/low-carb readers out there, embracing this super food might seem a little counter-intuitive. But sweet potatoes have a very low glycemic index, have many nutritional benefits, and taste great! So great, in fact, that our first Webinar guest Ashley Tudor wrote a book about all their benefits, including a ton of sweet potato recipes. Here’s a little taste of what you can find in Sweet Potato Power with this delicious soup! Maybe more than the turkey, the pumpkin has defined holiday eating. From Halloween to New Year’s, you’d be hard-pressed to find a holiday party without pumpkin floating around. If you’re tired of making pumpkin pies, try this coconut curry over coconut rice from PaleoOMG. If you’re taking this as a dish to family or friend’s, be sure to print the recipe. We guarantee you’ll be asked for it!

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