Well(nessFX) of Health: A Review

WellnessFX is easy, fast, and empowering.

Your words, not ours. Kasey, one of our newest members, recently immortalized her WellnessFX experience in the written word. Not only does she share some interesting biomarker results, but detailed advice from her consult as well. If you ever wanted to know what working with WellnessFX is like, read on.

The Blood Draw

  • For Kasey, sign-up was easy! She especially appreciated the big font, easy introduction questions, and progress bar.
  • We’re starting to see a trend: Who would think so many people would be excited about getting their blood drawn? Just about all the testimonials have commented on the ease and quickness of this part of the process, and Kasey’s no exception. Her experience: ‘The blood draw was surprisingly easy. I waited for a grueling (that’s sarcasm) 4 minutes and they drew my blood).”

The Results

  • She received her results in 3 days by e-mail.
  • Kasey has a family history of heart attack, so it wasn’t completely surprising to see her LP(a) levels in the red. Since she’s genetically predisposed to it, the reading acts as a reminder to keep everything else in check.

  • Kasey’s ApoB was also high. She thought it could be related to her hypothyroidism, indulgence on the weekends, or her love for cheese.
  • Kasey’s other biomarkers looked pretty good. She was especially happy about her glucose levels and dropped some knowledge for us: “The CDC reported that about 1 in 10 Americans are diabetic, and a quarter of those people do not know they have diabetes.

The Consult

  • Kasey perused a long list of dietitians, personal trainers, and health professionals for her consult. She picked Sarah for her emphasis on natural living. No pill-popping advice for Kasey!
  • Both Kasey and Sarah were able to scroll through the results as they chatted, and the timer on the WellnessFX website kept Kasey aware of how much longer she had.

  • Kasey supplied her readers with a rare treat! After their WellnessFX experience, bloggers usually love to share screens of their lab results. But Kasey also gave us a glimpse of what the recommendation notes look like. See for yourself:

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