Holiday Recipe Series: Cook Right, Eat Right

credit: Sarah Brett, RD

Thanksgiving is right around the corner. Five weeks later: Christmas. And then, New Year’s Day. And don’t forget the make-up dinners with the family and friends. No matter how much you try to avoid it, you’ll probably be doing a lot of eating. How to make that work with a healthy lifestyle? How to avoid that permanent 1-pound weight gain?

Simple: Do a lot of cooking.

Here at WellnessFX, we want your holiday season to be fun and joyous, not stressful and potentially unhealthy. We’re rolling out with a lot of treats for you this year, and one of them is the Holiday Recipe Series!

Other the next several weeks we’ll be featuring recipes from around the web, our favorite cookbooks, and some suggestions from our practitioners. Whether you’re Paleo, Vegetarian, or just looking for some good food to bring to your next potluck, we have something for you! Keep an eye out for these posts around these subjects:

  • Appetizers: Spark Your Appetite, Not Your Glucose
  • Meat Dishes: Going Paleo for the Holidays
  • Vegetarian Dishes: How to Make Your Guests Forget About Meat
  • Salads/Vegetables/Side Dishes: Rounding Out Your Plate
  • Holiday Drinks and Desserts: The Tastiest, Healthiest Treats You’ve Ever Had

The best part: these recipes aren’t just for you. At the end of the series, our WellnessFX staff will treat our tastebuds to each dish, appetizer, and drink. There’ll be a culminating post where we pick our favorites, our bow on this Christmas gift to you. And, of course, we encourage all our readers to do the same!

If you have a favorite holiday recipe you’d like us to consider, tell us in the comments below!

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I will be looking forward to your upcoming recipes for the holidays. As we all know the holidays is a dangerous time for those striving to stay fit. Can’t wait for the upcoming recipes to add to my holiday recipes cookbook