What’s on Ari’s Menu? WellnessFX!

Ari loves to blog. Ari loves to run. Ari has hypothyroidism. Ari took control of her own situation and lost 75 pounds. Sounds like the perfect WellnessFX member! We love hearing about the diverse backgrounds of the WellnessFX community. From Disney World addicts to personal trainers to #gutsy girls, we’re constantly in awe of the different ways people want to take the reigns on their health.

Recently, Ari wanted to go even further than she already has. With hypothyroidism, she’s no stranger to blood tests and needles, but rarely ever gets to see her results herself and make her own decisions. It was time for a change. She had a blood draw and consult with a WellnessFX practitioner through the FitFluential campaign.

How did her experience go, you ask? Just swell!

  • Hate wait times (especially when you have an appointment)? Ari only had to wait 5 minutes from when she was scheduled. Even more, she was out of the lab within 10 minutes!
  • Her results popped up in her e-mail 2-3 days later. Mostly good news!
  • The high inflammation levels didn’t faze Ari: she’s training for a marathon, and some wear and tear is expected.
  • However, with high cholesterol running in the family, the high ApoB levels were alarming.

  • The best news: Ari’s TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone) levels. Because she never gets to see her own lab results from the doctor, she had no clue if her medications were working like they should to offset her hypothyroidism (an under-active thyroid). Now she does!

  • Low calcium also runs in Ari’s family, so she was happy to see she had that in check. He Vitamin D levels, however, were a potential area for improvement. It was time for a consult!

  • Ari hand-picked Rachel Gargano, an RD in Massachusetts, because of her specialization in endurance athletes.
  • For Ari’s ApoB levels, Rachel pointed out that it’s likely connected to the thyroid disease and shouldn’t be stressed over in light of Ari’s other squeaky clean cholesterol biomarkers (good thing they tasted more than one, huh?)
  • Her inflammation also shouldn’t be too much of a concern, given her marathon-trining. Still, Rachel recommended upping the fish oil and vitamin C to mitigate the stress.
  • Although Ari lives in sunny Phoenix, Arizona, she doesn’t eat a lot of dairy and is thus slightly vitamin D deficient. Rachel suggested supplementation.
  • Sounds hard to remember all the advice, right? Well, Rachel uploaded the notes from their talk to Ari’s account. How cool is that?

Since, Ari has stocked up on vitamin D and fish oil and can’t wait to reap the benefits!

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