Customer Story: The Road to Optimizing My Health


We love hearing about our customer’s awesome experiences. We’ve been getting a lot lately from the participants of the recent FitFluential campaign. We just got wind of Sarah’s feedback on her blood draw and consult from her post on her blog, Running at Disney.

While many people may be surprised to learn that they’re bodies aren’t scoring as perfectly as they feel, Sarah has ulcerative colitis and is prone to tendonitis, so she knew her inflammation would be higher than normal. Still, there’s something to be learned for everyone. Here’s a summary of Sarah’s experience:

  • Sarah is no stranger to blood draws and knows how long and frustrating the process can be, but she only had good things to say about her time at LabCorp. In and out in 10 minutes! Beat that!
  • She received her results in 5 days via email.
  • Her liver, kidney, electrolytes, and cardiovascular biomarkers all looked good and healthy.
  • Sarah knew it was coming: her hs-CRP (a marker for general inflammation, a significant predictor of chronic disease) levels were very high. Would her consult be able to help her bring it down?

  • For Sarah, having her consult from the comfort of her own home was important, so the flexible scheduling worked well for setting up an evening chat.
  • Sarah’s WellnessFX practitioner suggested the following for bringing down inflammation: cutting out gluten, increasing intake of vitamins A, C & E, supplementing with Omega-3 Fatty Acids, and eating more curry, tumeric and coffee fruit.
  • Sarah’s low vitamin D could also be contributing to inflammation, a result of not enough sun, especially in the northeaster winters!

  • Sarah’s glucose levels read a little high, but it didn’t raise too many concerns. Her hemoglobin A1c levels, which are a more comprehensive marker for average blood glucose levels over time, were A-Okay. To be safe, however, she was advised to stray away from foods with a high glycemic index.

We’re excited to see how Sarah uses this new information to improve her numbers and make for a longer, healthier life!

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Cyborg1939 says:

Fix typo. The word is foods not goods.